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    I Am Starting To Think The Men Who Wrote These 31 Horribly Misinformed Things About Women Have Literally Never Spoken To One

    Oh, sorry — for the purposes of this post, I should've referred to women as "females."

    1. This man had never seen a woman (or man, for that matter) change their part.

    2. This man had never seen two female friends interact.

    3. This man had apparently never met a woman with a sex drive, which makes me think that the women he's met just didn't want to have sex with him specifically...and I can see why.

    4. This man had spent years "studying women" instead of interacting with them.

    Credit: Alamy

    5. This person had never met a girl of any age.

    6. This man had never met a woman with a job, which seems statistically improbable, so I'm guessing he's just never met a woman.

    7. This guy apparently thought women like to be told they're "too pretty" to go into professions like engineering.

    8. This man really doesn't know a single woman who picked up a hobby in quarantine, which makes me think he doesn't know a single woman.

    9. "You must not hang around women often." *Immediately says something about the "average woman" that proves he does not hang around women often.*

    10. This man similarly thinks only 1% of women have hobbies. I'm gonna go ahead and guess he's met zero women with hobbies. Because...he's met zero women.

    11. Apparently, every woman this man has met has had a breakdown. Pretty sure that says more about him.

    12. This person had clearly never met a woman with a large dog.

    13. This man was proud to admit he knew absolutely nothing about vaginas. I'm thinking there is a 99.9% chance he has never seen one.

    14. This man revealed he'd never had sex with a woman by comparing it to drinking water.

    15. This man had never spoken to a woman about her period, or learned about a little something called TSS.

    16. I don't think this man has exchanged a single word with a woman. If he had, he wouldn't have asked something so colossally stupid.

    17. This man had apparently never met a woman who fell in love more than once.

    18. This man had never seen a woman age or be affected by shadows.

    19. This gamer didn't understand that woman have hair on their bodies/faces. (The translation of the tweet reads, "Can you explain to me why the hell Aloy has a beard?")

    @elgranqenk Qenk podés explicarme porque carajos aloy tiene barba ?

    Twitter: @9Santy1

    20. This man admitted online that he'd never made a girl orgasm.

    21. I'm not convinced this guy has walked out of his own house to actually see women in the wild.

    22. This man had never seen a woman with ankles.

    23. This man had never paid attention to a single thing ever said about the female body.

    24. Same with this guy.

    25. This guy had clearly never lived in a house with a woman.

    26. This man forgot about literally every successful female leader in history.

    27. This man had never met a woman who likes books other than Harry Potter or Twilight.

    28. I guess I can't say for sure if this guy has never talked to a woman, but I sure hope not if he thought this was okay to say.

    29. This man had never seen or heard of a woman driving I'm thinking he's literally never been in a car with a woman.

    30. This man had never been platonic friends with a woman, or met women with platonic male friends.

    31. And finally, this man had never so much as heard of a woman with anxiety, depression, or ADHD.

    H/T: r/NotHowGirlsWork