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23 Horribly Stupid People From This Month

I lost brain cells reading these.

2. This person tried to brag about their intelligence...with an IQ of 84 (the average is about 100).

A screenshot showing an IQ test result with a score of 84, positioned below the average range on a bell curve graph

3. This person was hilariously clueless about hair parting. Do they think all hair on your head grows from one line???

"How did she move where her hair was growing from?"

4. This man reallyyyyy didn't understand female anatomy.

"It's a womb."

5. And this person didn't understand men's anatomy.

"Only women have a pelvis"

6. This has got to be one of the stupidest things posted on the internet not just this month, but ever.

"how do i make it stop"

7. This person thought "Mexican" was a language.

"they just fluent in Mexican"

8. This person claimed not only that the moon landing was fake, but that no one has gone to the moon since 1959.

Text message with conspiracy theories about the moon landing and questioning why there's no commercialized space travel yet

9. This person had an interesting idea of what German weather is.

Meme questioning if Germans need refrigerators due to cold climate; the text is intended as humor

10. This person fell for some very obviously fake images of Target's products.


11. This person forgot Hawaii is a part of the US.

"goodbye united states, hello hawaii"

12. This person really didn't understand alphabetical order.


13. This person really needed to retake elementary school math.

Tweet expressing confusion about mathematical capability and a percentage population error, with a thinking face emoji

14. This definitely happened.

"My spouse recently had a blood draw."

15. This person forgot that carrying around a knife that can be used to harm people is, in fact, illegal in the UK.

"Why is carrying a knife not banned yet?"

16. This person asked why we can't "just conquer North Korea."

Reddit post in r/northkorea asking why countries can't conquer North Korea to alleviate suffering

17. This person reposted a ridiculous reported Fox News graphic "proving" Fani Willis was wearing her dress backwards.

"Also, zips aren't always on the back of a dress."

18. These people were proudly ruining their vision.

Text on a purple background: "The governments tell us not to look at the eclipse, so I will definitely be looking." Followed by user comments debating the safety of looking at eclipses

19. This person decided the words "democrat" and "demolish" were related because they start with the same four letters.

The image shows text expressing an opinion about the words "demolish" and "democrat," relating them to negativity and attention-seeking

20. This person claimed that the US has the best music...then listed a bunch of European musicians.

"Our music is by far superior everybody looks up to us we have taylor swift..."

21. This person said there was no separation of church and state in the constitution and got quickly schooled.

Screenshot of the U.S. Constitution highlighting the First Amendment on freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition

22. This person thought facts had nothing to do with theories.

Text from a social media comment debating theories without facts, mentioning evolution and big bang

23. This person claimed pizza is an American invention.

"Pizza is an American invention"

24. And finally, this person claimed "airplanes aren't real."

"Proof that airplanes aren't real"