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    Netflix Is Making A Dating Show Where People Wear Animal Prosthetics And...You Just Need To See This For Yourself

    There are no words.

    Hello. I don't even know how to prepare y'all for this, so I'm just going to dive right in. Netflix has a new dating show they're describing as Love Is Blind meets The Masked Singer.

    It's called Sexy Beasts, and it involves guests wearing extreme prosthetics to truly test chemistry between two people without ever seeing their faces.

    No, you're not hallucinating. SEXY BEASTS is a new dating show that uses cutting edge prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test. On Netflix, 21 July.

    Twitter: @NetflixUK

    It's narrated by Rob Delaney, for some reason.

    Just based on the trailer alone, we see a panda, a bull...

    The bull asks "Do you have health insurance?"

    Some sort of bug, a gopher...

    The bug says "personality, for me, is everything" while the gopher says "ass first, personality second"

    A devil, a dog...

    The dog asks their date "Would you count this as a weird experience for you?"

    And...whatever is going on here.

    One person dressed as some creature with an oversized brain and another as what seems to be a rhino

    Contestants do normal date stuff, like going to an amusement park...

    Two people on a roller coaster

    Uh...shooting guns?

    Even kissing and horn-nuzzling!

    They then choose between three contenders...

    ...And then finally see each other in person.

    It looks like a wild ride, and people on Twitter were pretty....uh....well, just see for yourselves.

    Some wondered if they were on drugs.

    Although many were intrigued!

    @NetflixUK this looks horrific I’m going to watch it 5 times

    Some people pointed out that England did it first.

    @NetflixUK Say you’re copying our homework, without saying you’re copying our homework.

    Twitter: @bbcthree

    But, you know, I don't know if that makes it okay.

    There was also some criticism over the fact that, like many dating shows, the people all seem to be thin and conventionally attractive.

    @netflix All those people are thin and attractive underneath of the costumes so the “based on personality alone” thing is a bit of a stretch.

    Anyhoo, that's that. Two seasons have been greenlit, and Season 1 premieres on July 21 on Netflix. Prepare yourselves.

    A woman laughing nervously and saying "What the fuck?"