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    25 Things People Had The Audacity To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

    You can list almost anything on Facebook Marketplace, but...should you? Should you?

    Look, Facebook Marketplace is a super-awesome tool I have used on countless occasions to both buy and sell some really cool stuff.


    But sometimes I notice things that are a bit...odd. And I'm not the only one — here are some of the strangest things redditors have found on Facebook Marketplace:

    1. Anyone want a wreath of some dead cicadas?

    Cicada shell wreath from WTFgaragesale

    2. Or maybe a "sculpture" of two hot dogs holding hands?

    Hot dog statue - two lovers holding hands. Can also be "personally ordered with any customizations wanted (mini hotdog babies, pregnant hotdog, rockstar hotdog, etc)." from WTFgaragesale

    3. A common thought I have while riding a bicycle is huh, I wish I were sitting on some fake hands!

    For when you're lonely from WTFgaragesale

    4. I mean, you can't find stuff like this in stores.

    a dorito in a jar being sold for $10
    u/TheSlimReaper99 / Reddit / Via

    5. You can't even put a price on this stuff.

    Not sure where you'd even go with this, behind some bushes maybe? from WTFgaragesale

    6. "No lowballers, I know what these are worth."

    quick question wtf? from WTFgaragesale

    7. What possible use could there be for this??

    A year's worth of dryer lint for $250
    u/TeaPartyInTheGarden / Reddit / Via

    8. Definitely worth $200.

    The vodka bottle full of cigarette ashes I posted here about 2 years ago is still up, and the price was dropped by a whopping $4.76. What the fuck from WTFgaragesale

    9. *Horrified face*

    Literally the only thing I could think was "what the fuck" from WTFgaragesale

    10. Ah yes, "brand new!"

    Why do people say "Brand New" when it's clearly not? from WTFgaragesale

    11. Is it used???

    I found this on a Facebook page where people sell 4 wheel drive vehicles from WTFgaragesale

    12. You know what, I respect that they at least are selling it as a "sad ass tree."

    Dead *ss tree from WTFgaragesale

    13. There's something about a sandwich someone has already bitten into that just gives it that extra "oomph."

    KFC zinger from WTFgaragesale

    14. A gift for the whole family!

    Antique German War Hitler. "Very unique and heirloom quality emotional object" from WTFgaragesale


    Only once from WTFgaragesale

    16. I mean, they're not wrong.

    The seller seems just as confused as I am from WTFgaragesale

    17. Ah yes, what all the kids will be asking for this holiday season.

    Y tho. from WTFgaragesale

    18. I have a word: Why?

    There are no words from WTFgaragesale

    19. This was created with intent. I don't know what the intent was, but there was one, and that disturbs me.

    My dream of being an artist is alive from WTFgaragesale

    20. *Vomiting emoji*

    Anyone need a gaming chair? from WTFgaragesale

    21. PUT IT BACK!!!!

    $20 for old doll head found while hiking from WTFgaragesale

    22. Um...okay. :/

    In what world is this a thing? from WTFgaragesale

    23. "It never let me down." Why are you selling it, then?

    Teeth in great shape from WTFgaragesale

    24. Are they...human teeth???

    harry potter teeth, MmMMmMM from WTFgaragesale

    25. And finally...I have no words.

    someone selling a bag of air for $550
    u/JustincredibleGames / Reddit / Via

    H/T r/WTFgaragesale

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