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    25 Things People Had The Audacity To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

    You can list almost anything on Facebook Marketplace, but...should you? Should you?

    Look, Facebook Marketplace is a super-awesome tool I have used on countless occasions to both buy and sell some really cool stuff.

    But sometimes I notice things that are a bit...odd. And I'm not the only one — here are some of the strangest things redditors have found on Facebook Marketplace:

    1. Anyone want a wreath of some dead cicadas?

    2. Or maybe a "sculpture" of two hot dogs holding hands?

    3. A common thought I have while riding a bicycle is huh, I wish I were sitting on some fake hands!

    4. I mean, you can't find stuff like this in stores.

    a dorito in a jar being sold for $10

    5. You can't even put a price on this stuff.

    6. "No lowballers, I know what these are worth."

    7. What possible use could there be for this??

    A year's worth of dryer lint for $250

    8. Definitely worth $200.

    9. Horrified face

    10. Ah yes, "brand new!"

    11. Is it used???

    12. You know what, I respect that they at least are selling it as a "sad ass tree."

    13. There's something about a sandwich someone has already bitten into that just gives it that extra "oomph."

    14. A gift for the whole family!


    16. I mean, they're not wrong.

    17. Ah yes, what all the kids will be asking for this holiday season.

    18. I have a word: Why?

    19. This was created with intent. I don't know what the intent was, but there was one, and that disturbs me.

    20. Vomiting emoji

    21. PUT IT BACK!!!!

    22. Um...okay. :/

    23. "It never let me down." Why are you selling it, then?

    24. Are they...human teeth???

    25. And finally...I have no words.

    someone selling a bag of air for $550

    H/T r/WTFgaragesale