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    36 Laverne Cox Fashion Moments That I Just Think We Need To Talk More About

    If I were in a room with even one of these dresses, I would cry.

    Look, Laverne Cox is amazing. She's a talented actor, activist, and model. But it's time we also give her credit for the absolute fashion icon she is.

    In honor of this, I have compiled my absolute favorite of her red carpet looks. Here are 36 times Laverne Cox looked like the cover of a damn magazine:

    1. This sleek see-through gown that was right at home at the Charlie's Angels premiere:

    2. This monochrome suit that has me reconsidering my entire fashion sense:

    Laverne in a monochrome suit with a long jacket with a deep v buttoned and long sleeves that flare at the elbow with a cutout and pants that have studs on the sides

    3. And this corset-suit combo that redefines chic:

    Laverne in a loose suit with a long suit jacket that's open and matching loose high waist pants with a short sweetheart neckline corset underneath with lacing connecting it to the pants

    4. This dramatic one-shoulder outfit that's giving me major Beyoncé vibes:

    Laverne Cox in a one shoulder dress, with the left side a cape-like flowing long sleeve dress and the left side as a glitter cutout leotard

    5. This floral dream:

    Laverne in a bright floral flare ballgown with a structured strapless top that juts out from her body in petal-like pieces at the top

    6. This sleek mermaid look:

    Laverne in a mermaid tuxedo-like sweetheart neckline strapless gown with a slit and corset like top with satin panels and skirt

    7. This patchwork metallic gown:

    Laverne in a metallic glitter mermaid dress with a small train and a corset like bra top with tank top straps and patchwork sewn fabric

    8. This Grecian goddess regalia:

    Laverne in a strapless v neck mermaid metallic dress with geometric embroidery all over and a small train

    9. Seriously, Laverne, you're making it hard for anyone else to wear metallics to the Emmys!

    Laverne  in a halter metallic ruched dress with pleats all over, a high slit, and a corset waist with a looser top

    10. This tulle princess attire that proves Laverne is royalty:

    11. And another gorgeous tulle ensemble that made a political AND a fashion statement:

    12. This ruffled creamsicle dream:

    Laverne in a layered tank top deep v neck dress with a long layered skirt with a long train

    13. This classy Barbie lewk:

    Laverne in a short tight high neck sleeveless minidress with a shiny belt at the high waist and an assymetric bottom

    14. This one-shoulder jumpsuit that I need in my closet STAT:

    Laverne in a one-shoulder jumpsuit with chevron going along the belt and in a ribbon down the side as well as on a choker halter at the top

    15. This structured gothic ballgown that's giving me major Evil Queen vibes:

    thick lace print flared ballgown with a structured scoop top that goes up to high points at the sides

    16. And this Cruella de Vil ensemble that actually makes me want to root for the iconic villain:

    Laverne in a cape dress with metallic buttons at the top of the cape and a thick leather belt at the waist of the dress

    17. This Audrey Hepburn look that proves Laverne could absolutely do a period piece:

    Laverne in a glitter long tight off the shoulder short sleeve gown with a subtle scale mermaid-like texture and long leather gloves

    18. This smooth regal getup:

    Laverne in a silky dress with elbow-length fluttery sleeves, a wide V neck, a slight mermaid flare at the bottom, and a cape behind her shoulders

    19. This long-sleeve gown that proves nothing goes better together than glitter and lace:

    Laverne in a tight mermaid glitter gown with long sleeves and a turtleneck, with a large lace cutout going down the side

    20. This sleek cape look that has Laverne looking like an angel:

    V neck dress with a middle slit and thin mesh cutouts at the waist  with a short cape over the shoulders

    21. Another see-through look that somehow manages to be badass and soft:

    Laverne in a long sheer turtleneck long sleeve dress with flowers embroidered on the sheer fabric and a deep v corset style leotard underneath

    22. This utterly iconic getup, which proves Laverne could easily have played Maleficent:

    23. This Charlie's Angels–style attire that makes it look like Laverne walked right off a Christina Aguilera music video:

    Laverne in a tight latex turtleneck sleeveless bodysuit with low waist tight leather pants underneath

    24. This jacket and dress combo that belongs on the cover of Vogue:

    Laverne in a deep v satiny dress with a thin pleated skirt with a cropped leather moto jacket over it

    25. This glitter cutout dress that's perfectly matched to Laverne's jewelry and makeup:

    Laverne in a patchwork style midi dress with satin and glitter fabric, short flutter sleeves, and a triangle cutout at the waist

    26. This sleek modern metallic ensemble:

    Laverne in a dress with a metallic tank cutout top and a mid-length pencil skirt with a long jacket over the shoulders and dark tights

    27. Another floral garb that is truly making me re-examine my thoughts on florals:

    a deep v neck slight mermaid dress with flare cap sleeves, a subtle floral pattern, and structured ruffles coming off one side

    28. This outfit that Jackie O. would be jealous over:

    Laverne in a sleeveless mermaid dress with a long train and a high retro straight neck

    29. This look that's business in the front, party in the back:

    30. This structured glitter dress paired perfectly with sleek bangs:

    a glitter structured one-shoulder minidress with an asymmetrical bottom with structured triangle pieces on one shoulder

    31. This glittery, classy match-up that fulfills all my holiday fashion dreams:

    Laverne in a tight high scoop neck long sleeve metallic diamond top with a metallic belt and mid-length pencil skirt with sheer stripes

    32. This flowy red gown that has the Statue of Liberty jealous:

    Laverne in a ruched chiffon gown with a loose skirt with a high slit, a one-shoulder top that goes into a slight cape over the shoulder, and a tiny cutout at the waist

    33. And this sleek cutout gown that makes her look like a statue:

    tight long tank scoop neck dress with thin slits in the sides and 2 tiny horizontal cutouts across her ribcage

    34. This beaded black and gold garb that perfectly matches the backdrop:

    long sleeve dress with slight flare bottom, a really high slit with metallic chains at the top of it tying the sides to each other, and long sleeves with one sleeve made of mesh and geometric metallic embroidery that also lines her neck

    35. This cutout red mermaid gown that belongs in The Little Mermaid:

    a long dress with a high slit and slight mermaid cut with a train and cutouts at the waist, with the top with a deep v and tiny straps that come from the fabric up over her shoulders

    36. And finally, this black cutout gown that proves no one does a high slit like Laverne:

    long tight gown with a high slit, 2 little circular cutouts at the waist, and a halter style top with a deep v below it