31 Poor, Poor People Who Tried To Sell Something Online And Ended Up Talking To The Worst People Ever

    "Deep down, you want to sell these for $11 each." Um, no?

    I am a Facebook Marketplace FIEND. I check it every day, and there's nothing better than scoring some amazing deal on a gently used item.

    I have also sold through Facebook Marketplace...and let me be honest with y'all, my experiences have been the opposite. It's constant ghosting, low-balling and continuing to do so after being told a firm or "lowest" price, and what I am almost positive are lies about family members being sick or in need. Here's someone who was bothering me just this week by asking "are you sure" twice AFTER I had sold these shirts.

    "I sold them both."

    People are just wildly entitled, and I wonder sometimes how they act in real stores — like, are they demanding a free laptop from the Apple store? Since their entitlement is just baffling to me, I've compiled a bunch of infuriating examples (from Marketplace and other online sale methods) that might just make your blood boil as much as mine. Here are 31 people who decided to act a fool online.

    1. This person wanted a $35k piano — that was already discounted to $20k — for $5k, then resorted to insults when the seller refused.

    "ur a selfish bitch"

    2. People will really lowball you (this was for a Champion Harry Styles hoodie worth $150), ask you to drive an hour away, then give you a whole backstory on why you owe them — a stranger — this.

    "could we do $10?"

    3. In fact, people on Marketplace are always trying to sell you some backstory that makes you feel like a terrible person for not giving major discounts. Ninety percent of the time, I'm convinced they made it up.

    "no i need $385 for my kids braces"

    4. Like, is this person even a single mom?

    "Money is super tight for me"

    5. What does this person's uncle have to do with anything?

    "No thanks. Good luck though."

    6. This person gave a one-star review despite not even buying the item because they were annoyed they didn't get a discount.

    "but i sadnly cannot rate you more then 1 star reviews"

    7. This person reported a seller over not giving them the item for free, then started insulting their height. Very mature!!!

    "Little boy o"

    8. This person was just being plain stubborn.

    "You are a child"

    9. This person wanted the seller to save their car for them, without any kind of deposit or guarantee they'd actually buy it.


    10. This person made the seller go through this whole conversation before revealing they never intended to pay.

    "Can I pay you in pleasure"

    11. This person offered to "take it off [the seller's] hands"...i.e., they wanted it for free. Let's call it what it is.

    "Nah, I'm good bro."

    12. This person seemed to be trying some kind of online hypnosis to get these barstools for cheap.

    "deep down u want to sell for 11 each"

    13. This person threatened to send a hitman after a seller for not giving a 90% discount.

    "you wont sell it and im going to send a hitman on you"

    14. This seller was apparently "a nasty young lady" for not giving away mirrors for free.

    "Make it one of your townhouses and a car."

    15. All this over $10 shelves.

    "Im sorry that this is so upsetting"

    16. Leave this poor person's parents out of this.

    "hope ur parents die in a car crash"

    17. Like, why even waste this person's time??? It's giving those job applications where they refuse to tell you what the pay is until you've gone through a ton of interviews.

    "If you can get a better offer elsewhere, go for it"

    18. This creep tried to hit on the woman he was trying to stiff out of a longboard.

    "Fine I'll give u 25 bucks and a lapdance!!!!"

    19. This person tried to get a bug collector to discount their price a ton, when they were literally asking for the collector to catch dangerous bugs including a black widow.

    "get fucked"

    20. This person thought offering $80 for a TV listed at $1k was reasonable.

    "I can give you everything I have and come pick it up in the next 1.5hrs"

    21. This person started getting weirdly petty.

    "Wow are you trying to make me jealous of your iPhone 6?"

    22. This person accused the seller of "ruining" her husband's birthday.

    "Way to ruin a good man's 50th birthday asshole"

    23. This person just sounded like a nightmare.

    "Fine, jerk. Only pussies drive automatics anyway."

    24. What is even the point of insulting sellers? Do people think that'll make the person give the item to them?

    "Motherfucker go to hell"

    25. Like...why go to this effort?

    "No problem you ugly fuck"

    26. This person wanted the seller to go out and buy a different color new, then sell the boots to them at a discount...absolutely unhinged request.

    "Do you think you could buy brand new ones in the opposite colors and sell them to me for the used price?"

    27. This person told this gecko seller to "learn manners," but tbh, I think it's the buyer who needs to learn to mind their Ps and Qs.

    "Lol ok thanks"

    28. This one just made me chuckle.

    "It's $2"

    29. This person wanted the seller to pay to get a small issue fixed, then asked them why they won't buy a new one — dude, why don't you buy a new one?

    "Look do you want it or not"

    30. This person was trying to pull some wild mental gymnastics on this seller.

    "If you ship something from a post office the seller pays for the item at the origin city, not the buyer."

    31. And finally, this exchange got so heated, I can't believe it's all over a TV.

    "Stay mad, bro"