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    44 Horrible Airbnb Houses And Hosts That Have Me Convinced To Book A Hotel Next Time

    It's GOT to be illegal to have hidden cameras in your Airbnb.

    Airbnbs used to be a great alternative to hotels, but lately...has anyone else noticed they've really fallen off?

    I'm not *necessarily* blaming the company (though the fees are out of control), but I gotta say, I have heard some horror stories about Airbnb properties and Airbnb hosts.

    An Airbnb bill

    In case you're curious (or even have your own Airbnb horror story), here are 43 awful Airbnbs/Airbnb hosts that had me going, welp, maybe I'll stay in a hotel after all.

    1. This Airbnb host decided to get into an argument about what constitutes a mouse rather than a rat...instead of assisting their guest with the loose animals in their home.


    2. If I walked in and saw this was my Airbnb bathroom, I would simply walk (okay, run) out the door and leave.

    3. This one, too. TBH, I am so curious what series of events had to occur to lead to anyone even creating this "bathroom" in the first place.

    a bathroom on a stairwell

    4. You know when you show up to an Airbnb, and things are just a *bit* smaller than they are in photos?

    a hand hovering over a tiny sink

    5. Like, I bet this person didn't realize they'd be so close to the sink while pooping that they could wash their hands — nice added bonus, if you ask me!

    a person on the toilet with their hands draped over the sink

    6. I mean...I guess they weren't lying.

    "I reserved an Airbnb with Sea View.... can't complain"

    7. What is this? A cheese grater for ants?

    a hand holding a tiny cheese grater

    8. Can you imagine spending $700 (before fees, I assume) and getting half a sponge to use?

    a tiny sponge

    9. As if the prices weren't high enough, Airbnb hosts have started asking for tips.

    "Tips are appreciated"

    10. This Airbnb had ridiculous penalties...$150 for forgetting ketchup in the fridge???

    A list of charges

    11. This Airbnb host left a bad review because they didn't leave the place spotless...even though there was a cleaning fee.

    "I hope this clarifies my review and any confusion."

    12. And this Airbnb expected tips for cleaners even though there was already a high cleaning fee.

    "Thank you for your tip!!!!!"

    13. This Airbnb just straight up canceled the reservation two weeks before.

    "I don't understand how that is possible?"

    14. And this Airbnb host canceled a stay simply because they decided they wanted to charge more.

    "Am I wrong here????"

    15. This Airbnb had hentai all over the walls.

    16. This Airbnb forbade working and studying from home??? And also cooking, if you were staying for under four days.

    "No cooking or washing machine use for guests staying less than 4 days"

    17. The toilet paper at this Airbnb left something to be desired.

    see-through toilet paper

    18. The Airbnb hosts who left this as the password were just sadists.

    a long, complicated Wi-Fi password

    19. The Airbnb hosts who left THIS in the fridge. In SEATTLE, no less. Where did they even find this???

    a jar with a snake in it

    20. This person found a straight-up camera in their Airbnb.

    a camera in a pantry

    21. This person also found a camera in their Airbnb — half hidden behind a photo.

    a camera on a shelf

    22. This Airbnb didn't have any cameras guests could see, but I gotta say, it wasn't looking good on that front.

    Wi-Fi cameras

    23. This Airbnb just randomly had the pool drained while guests were there.

    a drained pool

    24. This Airbnb host tried to charge the guests for changing the thermostat temperature...and it's giving hardcore Dad energy.

    "Airbnb closed request"

    25. And this monster of a host kept their thermostat just above freezing.

    A thermostat set to 37 degrees

    26. This Airbnb host probably should've been more specific when they said the keys were in a "silver with black plastic" key safe next to the white door.

    Key safes all over a wall

    27. The kitchen rules for this AirBnb were just ridiculous — you could only use one dish per meal, and you couldn't run the dishwasher at 2 p.m. Also, re: the bending spoon their guest Kadabra???

    "Tap water is okay"

    28. This Airbnb had yellow "metallic tasting" (IDK who the hell thought it was a good idea to taste it) water for over a week, and the owner apparently claimed they could do nothing.

    Yellow water in the bathtub

    29. This Airbnb post called out their guest for being "not nice at all" because they left a four-star review on a place that "needed serious TLC," according to OP, and had half-eaten food in the fridge.

    "Not nice at all."

    30. This Airbnb pool had seen better days.

    a dirty pool

    31. As had this hot tub — which also apparently "smelled terrible."

    a dirty bathtub

    32. This person arrived at their Airbnb to see that it was obviously already occupied, which sounds like the start of a horror film.

    An occupied room/kitchen

    33. Remember the disgusting overflowing toilet from earlier in the post? Yeah, this one might be almost as bad.

    34. This Airbnb had fake vents, and as OP pointed out, it's giving landlord.

    Fake air vents

    35. This Airbnb host just had a wild amount of audacity.

    "AirBnB host uses same pic I sent to claim I broke it!"

    36. This Airbnb had something which could only generously be called a mattress.

    a broken mattress

    37. This Airbnb had a shower that could only be accessed by stepping over the toilet.

    a toilet in the way of the shower door

    38. These Airbnb guests thought they booked a nice, clean Airbnb...and then this was what their socks looked like after walking around for five minutes.

    very dirty socks

    39. The outlets at this Airbnb are hurting my eyes.

    damaged electrical outlets

    40. As did the knife at this Airbnb.

    a rusted knife

    41. And the sheets at this Airbnb.

    dirty sheets

    42. This weirdly titled soap holder isn't even close to being the worst feature on this list, but I would find it absolutely infuriating every time I tried to shower at this Airbnb.

    43. And this TV placement would have me scratching my head.

    A TV high above a door

    44. And finally, this one actually can be blamed on the company — apparently, this person had to do SEVEN rat maze puzzles to get into their Airbnb account to get the code to open the door after flying 17 hours. Captchas are getting out of control, y'all.

    Screenshot from Airbnb