"My Landlord Ended Our Lease Via Whiteboard Message" And 33 Other Genuinely Terrible Landlords That Deserve To Be Fired

    "Nobody wants to work these days" does apply to one group of people: landlords.

    1. This landlord provided THIS as a bed in a furnished apartment.

    Foldable bed with pillows and a patterned blanket in a room

    2. This landlord made it impossible for a tenant to enter their own apartment.

    Wet outdoor staircase with a handrail on the right and a cone at the top

    3. This landlord claimed this was "central AC."

    Air conditioner with tape around it, pigeon perched beside a shelf with various items

    4. This landlord replaced a nice fireplace with THIS.

    Indoor view showing a residential furnace and ductwork installation in a living space

    5. This landlord expected a tenant to take out their old oven and install a new one — by themselves.

    Kitchen interior with a new appliance in a cardboard box awaiting installation

    6. This landlord — who already didn't allow cooking after 8 p.m. — sent this super dramatic text about a tenant cooking with garlic.

    Text message conversation discussing feeling ill, making spice concoctions, and having shingles

    7. This landlord provided "open air" laundry.

    Washing machine and dryer discarded outside near a building wall

    8. This landlord tried to claim a hat was in an "acid wash" style instead of being covered in mold.

    Text message exchange about mold issue, superimposed on a black damaged item with a white logo

    9. This landlord poured concrete right outside a tenant's front door without warning.

    A concrete pathway leading to a white door on the left; on the right, a cat peeking out from behind a sofa cushion

    10. This landlord "fixed" a hole in the wall WITH A LITERAL PAPER PLATE.

    Wall with circular patch above a black countertop, indicating repair

    11. This landlord advertised "new wood flooring," then left it unfinished and covered it up with a carpet.

    Interior room corner with wooden flooring, plywood reinforcement on wall edge, and hiking boots to the side

    12. This landlord refused to clean up vomit in the lobby.

    A stern warning sign taped to a door demands cleanliness in the lobby, threatening security camera review, signed by Ned

    13. This landlord did the equivalent of offering staff a pizza party over a raise.

    Text messages about water restoration and an upcoming office event with games and social media sharing. Recipient names redacted

    14. This landlord tried to evict their own sister.

    Text from an online forum discussing a moral dilemma about raising rent for the user's sister due to increased expenses

    15. This landlord claimed there was nothing wrong with their water.

    Pot with soapy water on a kitchen floor, viewed from above

    16. This landlord is lucky they didn't have a serious fire on their hands.

    Dusty vent on a wall with visible accumulation of debris, suggesting a need for cleaning and maintenance

    17. This landlord — who constantly turned off the water, btw — had it turned off for basically a full day with almost no warning.

    Text message conversation about water being off and coordinating to fill a jug, planning to update later

    18. And this landlord didn't warn the tenant until AFTER the shut-off happened.

    Notification icon highlighted on a phone screen displaying an email about maintenance repairs scheduled for January 16th

    19. This landlord had ridiculous "guidelines" for tenants, including not having sex in their residence.

    Summarized text: Guidelines for sharing a house, including cleanliness, respect for space and noise levels, with specific rules for kitchen, bathroom, and living room use

    20. This landlord asked for a small pot that was being used to weigh down a drying painting to be immediately removed.

    Text message conversation showing a landlord asking for a plant pot to be removed from a balcony for aesthetic reasons

    21. This landlord literally installed a camera in a tenant's unit.

    Close-up view of a metal structure with beams, possibly part of furniture or architectural detail

    22. This landlord put up this awful notice, basically saying they can use their image to advertise the apartment in whatever way they want.

    Sign for media consent, informing of recording rights in a public space by Greystar, with logo at the bottom

    23. This landlord gave 10 minutes notice for showing a tenant's apartment.

    Text message conversation about scheduling a walk-through of a house

    24. This landlord opened a tenant's package and clearly wore their shoes.

    A pair of purple Crocs on a carpeted floor next to a chair leg and a cable

    25. This landlord canceled a tenant's lease via a whiteboard message.

    Whiteboard with handwritten notice of tenancy termination and names Elena, Ylada, and Sara below. A game board is seen underneath

    26. This landlord made it impossible for this front door to open.

    Glass door open over a metallic threshold, leading into a room with wooden flooring. A small wire basket sits to the right

    27. This landlord blamed tenants for burst pipes.

    Email about building efficiency responsibility, addressing issues with water and heating, and actions being taken to resolve them

    28. This landlord thought this was safe.

    Thermometer displaying a temperature of 179°F while being held under running tap water in a sink

    29. And this landlord was unbothered about the likelihood of starting a fire.

    Exterior vent on a siding with a bird's nest partially visible at the bottom

    30. This landlord was clearly out of line.

    Blurry image of a grassy field with a bush in the foreground and obscured buildings in the background

    31. This landlord tried to charge tenants for basic service calls, which is the one thing you're not supposed to have to pay for while renting.

    Utility bill screen showing a total due of $3,218.95, with a past due alert for a bill from June 20

    32. This landlord PAINTED a BATHTUB.

    Hand pulling clear adhesive strip from a white surface with visible residue

    33. This landlord "fixed" a crack in the parking garage like this.

    Cracked wall repaired with mismatched wooden board

    34. And finally, let's end on the landlord who thought *this* was an acceptable painting job.

    Two doors side by side, one well-maintained and the other weathered and worn