This "My Grandparents In The 1940s" Meme Is The Best New Trend On Twitter And Here Are 24 Tweets To Prove It

    So interesting to see all these historical pics!!

    So, if you've been on Twitter lately, you might've noticed a certain trend of people sharing photos of their grandparents and other people during historical periods and events.

    My granny was such a vibe in the 1940’s

    Vera Anderson / WireImage / Getty Image / Twitter: @KekePalmer

    Except, well...the photos aren't exactly historical. Here are 24 of the absolute best "historical" photographs that have been making the rounds on Twitter lately:


    women being rescued after the titanic hit the iceberg 1912

    Twitter: @Y2SHAF


    my great great grandparents, the king and queen of blasia, on their wedding day (1887)

    Twitter: @yakfrost


    Just found this old picture of my grandma and great aunt ❤️ they ran a small dairy farm in upstate NY

    Twitter: @Brittymigs


    found these photos of my grandmother in Beijing during the 40s! (those are her assistants on the right)

    Twitter: @cybergorgon


    @ctrlzahra This is my Great great great great grandfather and his brother (1864)

    Twitter: @OfNialler


    My grandparents during the San Francisco 1906 earthquake, they survived🙏🏼

    Twitter: @Zuleyyyyyy


    Picture of my Great grandma arriving in Montgomery after walking from Selma in 1965

    Twitter: @ThatZoeJames


    My great great grandmother building our family home with her bare hands in 1903.

    Twitter: @hollylottie88


    My grandmother right after she took an entire town hostage to deal with the death of my grandfather.

    Twitter: @thatnicksmith09


    My tia typing up the Declaration of Independence in 1776

    Twitter: @_zwaves


    my great grandparents barely survived the titanic sinking in 1912

    Twitter: @evanschalamet


    my grandma in the philippines when she met an american soldier (1943)

    Twitter: @pvrkr_


    My great-great-great grandfather. Critically wounded at Gettysburg. [1863]

    Twitter: @lil_kittan


    The last photo of my great grandmother at a party in 1934. She used to be happy, but she snorted marijuana and died instantly. Please don’t do marijuana. Please don’t wind up like my great grandma.

    Twitter: @RDdarty


    My great grandfather before boarding the Titanic 😢 Miss him every day

    Twitter: @garyfromteenmom


    my grandpa and his friends were such a vibe in highschool

    Twitter: @kyle_y27


    my grandmother during the first world war after performing the first open heart surgery

    Twitter: @IAmMoniqueHeart


    my great great grandmother discovering a ghost in the 1900's

    Twitter: @glaatinaaa


    my great grandmother performing on the titanic before it sank in 1912

    Twitter: @cornonas


    @halleberry My grandmother inventing the first computer game in the 1960s

    Twitter: @IsXaeOkay


    Love this photo of my Grandparents from 1948. My Grandma was an exchange student and met my Grandad at a cafe in Rome 💕

    Twitter: @plowrong


    my grandparents in basra, iraq (1960)

    Twitter: @ctrlzahra


    Found these pictures of my uncle getting offended at a family gathering in the 60s

    Twitter: @wearewatcher


    my grandparents were such a vibe in the 1960s

    Twitter: @GreysAnatomyHD

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