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    27 Times Actors And Directors Just Put Their Family Members In Films Instead Of Casting Someone New

    I can't decide if this is cute or just another example of nepotism.

    Movie casting can be a long, arduous process. kind of makes sense that sometimes actors and directors will straight-up just throw their family member in front of the camera.

    Here are 27 times actors and filmmakers just used their family members rather than cast new actors for a part.

    1. Tom Hanks's daughter appeared in Forrest Gump.

    2. Simon Pegg's and Edgar Wright's mothers appeared in Hot Fuzz.

    3. Ralph Fiennes' nephew played Young Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

    4. Emily Blunt's brother played a soldier in Edge of Tomorrow.

    5. Dawn of the Dead makeup/special effects artist and actor Mike Savini's niece and nephew appeared in the film.

    6. Mark Hamill's children, Nathan, Chelsea, and Griffin, played three rebel soldiers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

    7. Nathan also appeared in_ The Phantom Menace._

    8. Stanley Kubrick's daughter and grandson both appeared in his film Eyes Wide Shut.

    9. John David Washington (who has since become a star in his own right) played one of the kids who said, "I am Malcolm X!" in Malcolm X,_ starring _his father, Denzel Washington.

    10. Director Jon Favreau's son, Max, played the little kid in the Iron Man mask in _Iron Man 2. _The character was later revealed to be a young Peter Parker.

    11. George Lucas's son, Jett, played a pretty badass Padawan in both _Attack of the Clone_s and Revenge of the Sith.

    12. Morgan Freeman's son appeared in Freeman's film_ Se7en._

    13. Director Chris Miller's son voiced the Duplo in his film The Lego Movie.

    14. The baby in_ Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping _is director Jorma Taccone's son.

    15. The Iron Giant director Brad Bird's son Michael provided additional voices for the animated classic.

    16. The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan cast his son Rory in the bus scene. 

    17. And Nolan's daughter, Flora, very briefly appeared in his film Interstellar.

    18. Steven Spielberg's daughter Sasha briefly appeared in his film The Terminal.

    19. _Ghostbusters II _director Ivan Reitman cast his daughter Catherine in a small role in the film.

    20. Chris Columbus, who directed the first two _Harry Potte_r films, cast his daughter in the minor role of Susan Bones. He also used her in his films Home Alone 2 and Rent.

    21. Sean Astin's daughter actually appeared as Sam's daughter in the final_ Lord of the Rings_ film.

    22. The girl who played Clint's daughter Lila in the opening scene of_ Avengers: Endgame_ was director Joe Russo's daughter Ava.

    23. Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne appeared as young Aurora in _Maleficent _because she wasn't scared of her mother in her costume, unlike the other actors they tried. Her kids Pax and Zahara also appeared as extras in the film.

    24. And Jolie and Brad Pitt's child Shiloh briefly appeared in Pitt's film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    25. Alfred Hitchcock's daughter, Patricia, had a small part in his film Psycho.

    26. Two of Love Actually director Richard Curtis's children appeared in the film.

    27. And finally, Lindsay Crystal appeared in her father Billy's film_ City Slickers_ as his daughter.

    H/T: r/MovieDetails.