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    37 Super Cool Things That Are Living In The Year 3000 — Heck, Make that Year 4000

    I kinda wish I'd thought of some of these ideas.

    1. This store literally has a "winter simulator" so you can try on coats and see how well they work.

    a winter simulator

    2. This restaurant gives each table a buzzer that connects to their server's smart watch, so they can easily call over their server.

    A button to buzz a server

    3. This hotel has a do not disturb switch that actually makes it so cleaning staff can't open the door — which is perfect if you REALLY don't want to be interrupted.

    A "do not disturb" button that locks a door

    4. This zoo has a button that only alerts staff if you spell something correctly, so that little kids can click away at the buttons without bothering staff.

    "for a keeper, spell bugs"

    5. In this simple yet brilliant idea, this bar has placards you can put on your drink so servers know you're not finished, you're just in the bathroom.

    "Gone to pee"

    6. This gas company sends a scratch-and-sniff card for customers so they can detect a gas leak.

    "Scratch & Sniff"

    7. This car cupholder has settings that can heat up or cool down your drink.

    cup holders

    8. These Kleenex change color as you get close to the end so you know you're going to have to replace it soon.

    color-coded Kleenex

    9. This liquor store has a free chilling service that can get your bottle cold in five minutes.

    "Free Chilling Service"

    10. This slide has a metal faucet running cold water under it to keep it from getting too hot and burning kids when it's sunny out.

    a playground slide

    11. And this playground has a free sunscreen dispenser in case it's a sunny day and you forgot some for your kids.


    12. And this bar has an ice strip that keeps your drink chilled.

    An ice strip on a bar

    13. This car wash makes washing your car a game by allowing you to shoot your car with suds as you wait.

    "Suds Blaster"

    14. This store uses a wax figure to make it look like they have security — which isn't a replacement for security, by any means, but is better (and much cheaper) than nothing.

    a was figure of a security guard

    15. This elevator has buttons at multiple levels, for people with wheelchairs or people who have fallen and need to call for help.

    Buttons on the floor of an elevator

    16. This pub has single-person booths so you don't have to feel weird about dining alone.

    A booth for one

    17. This grocery store literally has a robot to detect messes — complete with cute google eyes.

    a robot for detecting messes

    18. I'm gonna need every bus stop to have a solar-powered bench where you can charge your phone and use the Wi-Fi from now on, thanks.

    a Wi-Fi bench

    19. This extra fee for parents who can't control their kids in a restaurant is actually such a good idea. Do one for rude customers next!

    "Cash Discount"

    20. This construction worker is using a solar-powered fan helmet to keep his head cool while he's working.

    A solar-powered helmet

    21. This sign is cold-sensitive so that it turns blue if it's cold enough for ice to form on the road.

    "Ice alert"

    22. This staircase saves wood and space by alternating steps.

    A staircase

    23. This laptop has a webcam that comes from the keyboard, and can be hidden whenever you want by pushing the key back down. Take that, FBI!

    a hidden camera on a laptop

    24. This shower has a shelf you can reach from inside and outside the shower.

    a shelf that extends outside the shower

    25. This milk carton actually shows you how much milk is left.

    a milk carton

    26. This die has a die inside it so you can double roll with just one piece.

    a die inside a die

    27. This Pringles canister came with a plastic hook to lift up the chips so you don't have to dig your hand into the tube.

    A device for Pringles

    28. This supermarket has a special touchpad to ground yourself and avoid electric shocks.


    29. This sandwich shop displays their sandwiches without bread, both to prevent the bread from getting soggy and to show you what's inside.

    breadless sandwiches

    30. These empanadas have their type stamped on the edges to erase any guessing game.


    31. This gym has a ton of water bottle temperature options, and has them organized by how cold they are.

    a water bottle vending machine

    32. These briefs came with a guide to check yourself for testicular cancer, which is just safe and smart.

    Underwear for checking testicles

    33. This workplace's IT department had a vending machine for any computer parts necessary, and billed back to the department collecting them.

    A device vending machine

    34. And this butcher shop also had a vending machine, for anyone who needed to buy meat after hours.

    a meat vending machine

    35. This breakfast buffet used little ice cream cone bowls to serve yourself jam in, both to reduce waste and to provide a yummy treat.

    cone bowls

    36. And this buffet had its own peanut butter maker for fresh peanut butter.

    a peanut butter maker

    37. And finally, this really has no functional purpose, but I still thing it's so cool — this is someone's kitchen floor they made out of resin.

    a resin kitchen floor