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23 Times TV Shows Just Got Way Too Big For Their Boots

I'm honestly surprised that Riverdale isn't on here, but I guess that was wack from the start.

Last week, Reddit user u/RedWestern asked, "Which TV show got too big for its boots?" and people had some pretty strong opinions. Here are just some of the shows that people submitted!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. When Heroes created all-powerful characters, then kept taking their powers away to justify the difficulty they had saving the world:

Peter's father hugging him and taking away his powers in Heroes

2. When Once Upon a Time kept doing memory wipes, then introduced characters from Frozen:

Elsa and Anna in Once Upon a Time

3. When Weeds went way too far past its original premise by leaving the suburbs:

Nancy in a public bathroom

4. When True Blood made Sookie a fairy:

Sookie and the other fairies using their powers

5. When Lost introduced the flash-sideways:

Kate and Sawyer meeting in the elevator in the flash-sideways

6. When The Vampire Diaries kept throwing in new doppelgängers and creatures:

Silas saying, "Hello, my shadow self" on The Vampire Diaries

7. When Glee tried to simultaneously tackle every popular song and every societal issue:

Blaine and Sam singing "What Does The Fox Say?"

8. When The Flash kept bringing back Harrison Wells and giving people super speed:

Iris saying "You are not The Flash, Barry. We are" and 3 different versions of Wells

9. When Orange Is the New Black moved to a high-security prison and tried to tackle too much:

Black Cindy, Piper, Gloria, and Nicky in line

10. When Pretty Little Liars brought Ali back to life and kept creating new A's:

Ali saying "Did you miss me?" and the girls staring at her in disbelief

11. When Sherlock gave Sherlock an evil sister:

Eurus in Sherlock

12. When Arrow kept making everyone a superhero and gave their heroes impossible abilities:

13. When The Fairly OddParents created an anti-fairy world:

Jorgen says "no one is allowed in anti-fairy world"

14. When Supernatural kept the show going after the Winchester brothers beat the devil, eventually having them fight God:

Dean asks Sam how the hell they're supposed to fight God

15. When The Handmaid's Tale kept June alive despite all the rules she'd broken, erasing any and all tension about whether or not she'd survive:

16. When 13 Reasons Why introduced a ghost, then became a full-on murder mystery:

Clay with blood on his shirt

17. When they kept changing Red's identity on The Blacklist:

Liz says "Those bones in that bag are Raymond Reddington's. The real Raymond Reddington. My father....this man is an imposter" as we see the fake Red burning the real Red's bones

18. When The X-Files let the aliens plotline get way too convoluted:

Black oil falling on Mulder's face that has wired net over it

19. When Grey's Anatomy kept putting its staff through life-altering disasters every season:

a plane crash, hospital shooter, and ambulance explosion

20. When Dexter gave Dexter so much plot armor, you never thought he'd get caught, then gave his sister romantic feelings for him:

Debra and Deexter

21. When Game of Thrones pushed all the characters together and made the finale super rushed (which included allowing characters to make journeys in days that had previously taken seasons):

Daenerys, Sansa, Bran, Brienne, Jon, and Arya in Winterfell

22. When all the murder plots on How to Get Away With Murder just got too convoluted:

Wes actually being alive at Annalise's funeral

23. And finally, when Prison Break kept having the characters break out of prison again and again:

Michael and Lincoln in a prison van

What other shows just tripped over their own plotlines and got too big? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.