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29 Times Willow And Tara Were The Best Part Of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

"You're my always."

Not only were Willow and Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer a groundbreaking LGBTQ couple for the early 2000s, but they were darn cute as well.

Here are 29 moments when they absolutely stole our hearts:

1. When Tara grabbed Willow's hand and they did a spell together despite having never spoken before:

Willow and Tara clasping hands

2. When Tara sang "Under Your Spell" to Willow during the musical episode:

3. When Willow revealed to Tara she loved her, not Oz, and then promised to make everything up to her:

Tara tells Willow she understands, and that Willow has to be with the person she loves, and Willow says she is

4. When Willow told the council that she and Tara were friends, then quickly corrected herself to proudly exclaim they were lovers.

5. When Tara lost her mind because of Glory, and the doctor asked if Tara was her sister, and Willow replied that Tara was her "everything":

6. When Willow told Buffy she would take care of Tara forever even if she never got better, then told Tara she was her always:

7. And when Tara got her mind back and recognized Willow again:

Tara says "I got so lost" and Willow says "I found you, I will always find you" while hugging her

8. When Tara wanted to make sure Willow wasn't going to be allergic to her new cat, and then Willow adorably took her hand:

Tara says she wants her room to be Willow-friendly, and Willow takes her hand and says "me too"

9. And when Tara suggested that the cat be both of theirs:

Willow says it's so cool that Miss Kitty Fantastico is theirs, then corrects herself and says it's Tara's, but Tara suggests it be both of theirs and Willow smiles

10. When Tara called herself Willow's:

Willow says she wants Tara to meet her friends, but she likes having something that's just hers, and Tara replies that she is – Willow asks "what?" and Tara replies "yours"

11. When Tara held Willow on the mortal plane while they searched for Buffy:

Tara says she'll have to be Willow's anchor to keep her on this plane, and Willow says she trusts her

12. When Willow pointed out that guys were checking Tara out, and Tara joked that she was "cured":

Willow points out that guys passing are checking Tara out, and she's surprised, so Willow reminds Tara how how she is, then Tara jokes that she's "cured" and wants the boys

13. When Dawn ran into a post-coital Willow and Tara, and Tara was adorably embarrassed (even though Dawn was just super excited):

14. When they just lay in bed together being super adorable:

15. When Tara got playfully jealous when Willow called April pretty:

Xander says a girl that looks like that won't be lonely for long, and Willow agrees, which causes Tara to shoot her a look — Willow clarifies that she's not talking about herself/her own interests

16. When Tara was super impressed with how badass Willow was:

Willow calls something "recon" and Tara laughs, calling her a cool monster-fighter

17. When Willow got a little confused at Tara's meaning:

18. When Willow met Tara's awful family and assured her it only meant she loved her more:

Tara says she was scared of Willow met who she came from, she wouldn't want to be around her, and Willow says it just makes her proud/love Tara more because she overcame that

19. When Tara asked how Willow made her feel so special, and Willow replied "magic," then they had the most romantic dance ever:

Tara says that even at her worst, Willow makes her feel special, and asks how — Willow replies "magic" and they dance

20. When Willow was worried about sleeping without Tara:

Xander assures Willow it's just for a night, and Willow says she doesn't know if she can sleep without her

21. When Tara tried to give Willow a family heirloom even though they'd just started hanging out:

Willow says she's been trying to find a doll's-eye crystal her whole life, and and Tara says "I want you to have it"

22. When Willow was dealing with Joyce's death and Tara was there to support her and help her support Buffy:

Willow cries and says she can't do this, and Tara kisses her and says "we can do this"

23. When Tara defended Willow when Anya and Xander tried to get her to use magic, even though they weren't together anymore:

Tara tells Anya to back off because Willow said no, and Anya won't make her do anything she doesn't want to, and if she tries she'll have to go through Tara

24. And when Tara reminded Willow of her progress in her recovery from a magic addiction:

Tara says that things did get bad and Willow still said no, and Willow smiles

25. When Tara was protective of Willow:

26. When Tara and Willow first started connecting about their magic, and Willow said she wasn't special, but Tara corrected her:

Willow says she's nothing special, and Tara says she is

27. When they kept giggling and stealing glances while helping Anya with her wedding dress:

Willow and Tara smiling at each other

28. When they cuddled in bed and Tara said she wanted every day to start and end like that:

Tara says Willow's feet are cold, and Willow tells her to warm them up, and Tara cuddles close and says this is how every day should end and start and "all the stuff in the middle"

29. And finally, when Tara asked Willow if they could skip all the getting-back-together steps and just be together again:

Tara says there's a lot of work to do and trust to be built before they get back together, then asks if they can just skip it and be kissing, and Willow smiles then they kiss

Ughhhhhhhh, I love these two. "Seeing Red" didn't happen, okay?

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