29 "Squid Game" Scenes That Absolutely Wrecked Me — Mind, Body, And Spirit

    "It'd been so long since I had that much fun..."

    Korean thriller Squid Game is Netflix's most recent hit, and for good reason — it's incredibly written and acted, and every episode is jam-packed with anxiety-inducing drama.

    But some moments definitely stand out — here are 29 of the absolute best Squid Game scenes that I keep finding myself revisiting.


    1. We'll start in order: first up is the very first elimination, when the players realized that elimination meant death.

    324 is eliminated after getting caught by It as everyone looks

    2. Next up...when Ali saved Gi-hun in Round One:

    Ali holding the back of Gi-hun's jacket

    3. When it was revealed how remote the place was at the end of the first episode:

    the camera pans out as the roof goes over the players' heads and it shows they're on an island

    4. When Gi-hun brought Sae-byeok onto his team:

    Sae-byeok runs to Gi-hun and he says "you're here" and she says he told her to - when Deok-Su asks why they're protecting her Gi-hun says she's on their team

    5. When Sang-woo convinced their team to step forward in Tug of War and then the episode ENDED:

    Sang-woo counts down then they all step forward, then the screen goes black

    6. When Jun-ho found out the tournament had been going on since at least 1999, then discovered his brother was a prior winner:

    Jun-ho sees a file labeled 1999

    7. When Jun-ho brought a gun to the knife fight:

    8. When Ji-yeong let Sae-byeok win the marble game:

    Sae-byeok tells Ji-yeong to roll again, but Ji-yeong refuses, saying she has nothing and no reason to leave, and she want Sae-byeok to win so she can go back to her family

    9. And when she died:

    Ji-yeong telling Sae-byeok "I'm honored...that we were partners" as she's killed and Sae-byeok cries

    10. When Sang-woo betrayed Ali:

    Ali looks down to see his pouch was full of rocks

    11. When Il-nam gave Gi-hun his last marble:

    Il-nam reveals he knows Gi-hun has been tricking him, then gives him his last marble, hugging him and saying everything will be alright as Gi-hun cries

    12. And when Il-nam remembered his name:

    Il-nam remembers his name and tells Gi-hun before he's presumably shot

    13. When Mi-nyeo pushed Deok-su off the bridge:

    Mi-nyeo grabs Deok-su's waist and refuses to let go, saying they promised to stick together until the end, and she said she'd kill him for betraying her - she then tells him he has a tiny dick and falls back, and they both die

    14. When Sang-woo pushed Player 017 off the bridge:

    Sang-woo pushes 17 off after he says he can't figure out which is the tempered glass

    15. And then when Gi-hun and Sang-woo fought afterward:

    Sang-woo calls Gi-hun pathetic, nosy, idiotic, and always getting into trouble, and Gi-hun admits he's all those things, but that Sang-woo ended up in the same place as him even though he's a "genius" and "successful"

    16. When Jun-ho recorded a VIP describing Squid Game and used the same creepy phrase the VIP had used on him:

    the VIP tells Jun-ho if he can satisfy him in 5 minutes, he'll change his life – Jun-ho points a gun at him and tells him if he can satisfy him in 5 minutes, he might let him live

    17. When Gi-hun and Sae-byeok bonded...:

    Gi-hun says he wants to be a good dad, then Sae-byeok tries to get him to promise that they'll take care of each other's families if one dies, but he shushes her

    18. ...and then Sae-byeok convinced him not to kill Sang-woo:

    Sae-byeok tells Gi-hun he's not the king of person to kill Sang-Woo

    19. When Sang-woo killed Sae-byeok while Gi-hun was screaming for help:

    Gi-hun sees Sae-byeok dead and Sang-woo bloody with the knife

    20. When Jun-ho found out the frontman was his brother In-ho:

    In-ho tries to get Jun-ho to go with him, but he refuses, to In-ho shoots him as In-ho asks why

    21. When Gi-hun tricked Sang-woo at the beginning of the final game:

    Gi-hun asks what they used to call it when they crossed, and Sang-woo says he doesn't care, then Gi-hun throws sand in his face and crosses saying they called it "inspector royal"

    22. When Gi-hun refused to win the game:

    Gi-hun says he can't and wants to end the game

    23. ...And when Sang-woo ended it for him by killing himself:

    Sang-woo says they'll never have their mothers call them in from playing again, and Gi-hun begs him to leave with him — Sang-woo reaches out, then says sorry and stabs himself

    24. When Gi-hun realized Il-nam was still alive and behind the whole game:

    Gi-hun looks at the card from Il-nam then visits him in a gurney

    25. When Il-nam explained why he'd joined the game:

    Il-nam said he had fun playing with Gi-hun

    26. When Il-nam lost his final game to Gi-hun:

    Gi-hun sees the police home for the homeless man, then sees Il-nam is dead and tells him he lost

    27. When Gi-hun called Sae-byeok his friend:

    Gi-hun tells Sae-byeok's brother Cheol that Sae-byeok is his friend

    28. And when Gi-hun left Cheol with Sang-woo's mother and gave them a suitcase of money:

    Sang-Woo's mom sees the briefcase of money

    29. And finally, when Gi-hun decided not to get on the plane:

    the frontman tells Gi-hun to get on the plane, and Gi-hun turns around and gets off

    What moments did we miss? What was YOUR favorite moment? Let us know in the comments!