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I Just Feel Really Passionate About Seeing Incels Geting Absolutely Owned, So Here Are 30 Examples That Truly Butter My Biscuits

After reading pores? Clean. My sleep schedule? Fixed. My troubles? Melted away.

1. This woman had the absolutely perfect response to someone who had a lot to say about "unnatural" hair colors in women.

2. This person absolutely ended this man's existence.

3. This woman had the best reply to a super sexist "joke."

4. This reply was just a very fair point.

5. This person called out this guy for what he was.

6. This guy tried to pretend rolling your ankle is worse than period pain (despite having never experienced the latter), but conveniently forgot women also have ankles.

7. This person was promptly proven wrong.

8. This woman was NOT having this toxic masculinity.

9. This person interpreted this tweet in the exact right way.

10. Men will really be revealing they're bad in bed on the internet. This person was just pointing it out.

11. Like...

12. They also love to reveal they know nothing about female anatomy.

13. This person brought this guy rightttt back down to earth.

14. This woman honestly just had a valid suggestion.

15. This person called out the double standards perfectly.

16. This woman saw an opportunity to demonstrate her point and took it.

17. This woman fact-checked this guy who came for Lizzo in the best possible way.

18. And this woman stuck up for Adele after a sexist and fatphobic tweet.

Photo credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

19. This math was swiftly corrected.

20. This person brought Elon right back down to earth.

21. This woman pointed out this backwards logic.

22. This model and software engineer had the best response to sexist trolls.

Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images

23. Mic. Drop.

24. "I can hardly hear something dumber than this today" is my new go-to insult.

25. This person had a very good comeback for creepy male teachers everywhere.

Photo credit: Alamy

26. This person let Tony in on a little secret.

27. This person had some fair questions.

28. This woman fact-checked a wild incel.

29. This troll was immediately shut down.

30. And finally, this has still gotta be one of my favorite tweet responses of all time.