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    Is Barbie Gay? Not Officially, But The Answer's Pretty Obvious

    This isn't new.

    I really do not know what news to expect when I wake up anymore. But at least this morning, Twitter delivered with some "news" I had been waiting quite some time for: that Barbie has a girlfriend.


    Twitter: @cassismoonlight

    In case you're confused, here's how we got here: Barbie started trending on Twitter after a photo of her with another female doll wearing "Love Wins" shirts resurfaced. And...people were pretty excited.

    Tonight we're learning that Barbie can be her full self when you kick the white supremacists off of Twitter.

    Twitter: @ElieNYC

    Many saw the photo as an announcement of Barbie's bisexuality.

    ok l, i see you barbie with the iconic bisexual hair cut 💗💙💜

    Twitter: @LindsTMitchell

    But, unfortunately, we gotta get the facts straight (lol) here: the source of the photo is actually a 2017 collaboration with fashion blogger Aimee Song, and it appears to paint Barbie as an ally rather than a member of the LGBTQ community.

    That's right. An "ally."

    But you know what? It doesn't matter. Because if you've seen even a single Barbie film, you know the truth.

    People being surprised Barbie is gay like-

    Universal Studios Home Entertainment / Mattel / Twitter: @Glamist_art

    Like Princess and the Pauper...

    They say it’s Barbie’s first girlfriend, conveniently forgetting about these two

    Twitter: @mslola1904

    ...Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures...

    are you the barbie or her skater gf renee in your relationship

    Twitter: @Iebsianism

    ...Barbie Dolphin Magic...

    why are people surprised that barbie is gay as if this scene doesn't exist

    Mattel Creations / Twitter: @Iebsianism

    ...Barbie: Mermaidia...

    barbie has a girlfriend??? miss barbie gay?? we been knew

    Universal Studios Home Entertainment / Twitter: @deerpana

    ...but most sapphic of all, of course, is the legendary piece of queer cinema Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

    and the og cottage core lesbians alexa and liana from barbie and the diamond castle 🙏 so true barbie

    Universal Studios Home Entertainment / Twitter: @drarrycore

    In the movie, Alexa and Liana are "besties" who live together in a tiny cottage, sleeping IN THE SAME ROOM. They spend their days tending their beautiful garden and singing to each other about their "connection."

    If "Two Voices, One Song" isn't talking about a relationship, then I no longer know what a relationship is.


    I mean, just WATCH this scene. I don't sing love ballads with my besties.

    "BuT wHaT aBoUt KeN?!?" I hear you cry.

    barbie and ken breaking up and then barbie getting a girlfriend is the greatest plot twist of all time💀

    Twitter: @__EmilylimE__

    Listen, we don't need to worry about Ken. Ken's fine. It is time for Ken to follow Barbie's lead and live his best life.

    Now that Barbie came out - can we please free him from the restraints of heterosexuality? #barbz

    Disney, Pixar / Twitter: @Justhere4news_

    In conclusion...we knew all along.

    retweet if u, like barbie, had/have a "fairy secret"

    Rainmaker Entertainment / Universal Pictures Home Entertainment / xTwitter: @funkyjums