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    29 Times Teen Dramas Committed 2000s Fashion Crimes That We Were All, As A Generation, Culpable Of

    I could do a whole list just on The O.C., but I'll spare you that horror.

    1. This crop crochet cardigan, low-waisted jeans, bangle, and mixed-material lace top from The O.C.:

    Short-sleeve crochet shrug with jeans and a tube top that has lace trim and a strange lace panel on top of it that goes up to create sleeves
    The WB / Courtesy Everett Collection

    This is the first crochet shrug on the list, but not the last.

    2. This low-waisted khakis/button-up tuxedo outfit from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Short, slightly puff sleeve, tuxedo ruched-front button-up collar top with loose, low-waist khaki pants
    20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

    I actually can't tell if they're khakis or corduroy, and somehow I don't know which is worse.

    3. This CLASSIC look from Glee that had basically every 2000s goth staple:

    Long muscle shirt with shreds with a tank underneath, baggy plaid pants with lots of zippers, and long wrist cuffs/fingerless gloves with studs and a beanie
    atrick Ecclesine / Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The red plaid jeans with zippers in random locations, the shredded muscle shirt, the beanie, the blue hair, the fingerless gloves...amazing.

    4. This weird patchwork long-sleeve top (and long bulky skirt) that couldn't decide what material or pattern it wanted to use from The O.C.:

    Long-sleeve shirt with thick sweater wrist cuffs, a square patchwork pattern on the back, a solid front and other sleeve, and a dark low-waisted long skirt
    The WB / courtesy Everett Collection

    Those really thick sweater sleeves were in for a bit, but I especially love their inexplicable use on a non-sweater top here.

    5. This pastel-tank-top, flared-skirt dress that was definitely from Lilly Pulitzer or Juicy Couture from Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Ruched tight-waist dress with low-waist flare short skirt, a pastel floral pattern, and a triangle bikini-like top with spaghetti straps
    CATV/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Those ribbons down the front too...why did we love this kind of stuff? And that triangle top...a staple.

    6. This colorful pink-and-teal ombre, zebra-print zip-up that truly gave me flashbacks to another time from Glee:

    Zebra-print zip-up with ombre colors and thick hoop earrings
    Carin Baer / Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

    I had a friend whose room was entirely teal zebra print. It was awesome.

    7. This polo, long skirt, bizarre bejeweled belt look from The O.C.:

    Frayed-bottom flared mid-length skirt with pants underneath, sneakers, a half belt that's diagonal and bedazzled, and a Lacoste polo shirt
    The WB / courtesy Everett Collection

    I just really want to know what's going on with this belt.

    8. This sweater tied over the shoulders, polo shirt, pearl necklace, and barrette look that basically defined 2000s prep from The O.C.:

    Striped short-sleeve polo with a thin pearl necklace and argyle sweater wrapped around her shoulders
    The WB / courtesy Everett Collection

    Also, check out the eyeshadow that matches the purple of the shirt.

    9. This crop top, big hoops, long necklaces, bejeweled belt, long shirt look that is honestly giving me 2000s Coachella vibes from One Tree Hill:

    crop deep v tank top with bralette underneath and a high waist long peasant skirt with a jeweled belt
    Fred Norris/ Warner Bros /Courtesy Everett Collection

    If you swapped out the skirt, this could easily be 2010s fashion, but the skirt really lands it in the 2000s hall of fame for me.

    10. These...oh god, how do I describe the horror below? These layered print...~lewks~ from 90210.

    A long tunic floral-patterned tank with a turtleneck tank underneath and jeans, and a short-sleeve graphic top with a miniskirt, textured tights, and a scarf
    The CW

    Tank tops over sleeveless turtlenecks were a new low. As for Silver....I actually think I had those exact tights in middle school. At least something about 90210 was realistic.

    11. This ruched-neckline Hawaiian-print dress with a matching cardigan and choker from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Hawaiian big-floral-print dress with a ruched-tank strap on the top, a choker, and a button-up cardigan
    20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Those monks that created Dawn sure knew how teenage girls dressed in 2000.

    12. This silk top, layered necklace, boot-cut jeans look from The O.C.:

    Boot cut jeans with sandals, a puff short-sleeve silk V-neck wrap top, and a bunch of chunky necklaces
    The WB / courtesy Everett Collection

    I think The O.C. might win for most spot-on 2000s fashion.

    13. This belly graphic shirt, low-waisted jeans, and super-thin scarf look from The O.C.:

    Low-waisted skinny jeans, short-sleeve T-shirt exposing belly, and thin scarf
    The WB / courtesy Everett Collection

    If you didn't own a scarf that was too thin to do anything at all, were you even a 2000s girl?

    14. This similar look but with a classic shoulder bag and leather jacket replacing the signature "I like music" scarf from One Tree Hill:

    Low-waisted jeans with a shoulder bag, a leather jacket, and a cropped graphic T-shirt
    The WB/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Ah, the days before all leather jackets became moto jackets.

    15. This cropped sweater from One Tree Hill that DEFINED the 2000s.

    Cropped chunky long-sleeve sweater secured with a brooch, a tank top, and low waist plaid pants
    The WB

    The crop sweater was a STAPLE of 2000s fashion. As were low-waisted plaid pants. And see-through camis. Actually, I think if you asked me to draw a picture of 2000s fashion on the spot, I would just draw this outfit.

    16. Those weird collared sweaters and structured suede jackets Brooke wore more than once on One Tree Hill.

    Suede tuxedo-style tight jacket with a high neck and an asymmetrical sweater top underneath
    The WB

    I swear, everyone owned one of these stupid jackets. They still haunt me from the racks at Goodwill.

    17. This scarf-and-crocheted-cropped-sweater combo that was apparently appropriate for a formal event on The Vampire Diaries.

    Cropped short-sleeve crocheted cardigan with a strapless empire-waist flared-skirt dress and a scarf with a fake flower on it
    The CW

    I know the scarf was to hide a vampire bite, but that doesn't explain the GIANT FLOWER on it. Also, why did we like crochet so much?? WHAT WAS THAT SWEATER SUPPOSED TO ACCOMPLISH??

    18. This VEST (sorry, had a little outburst there) over a brown tank top with a matching layered necklace and suede boots that Serena wore on Gossip Girl.

    Jeans with high boots, gray jeans, layered necklaces, a denim crop vest, and a loose tank
    The CW


    19. This bright orange and pink, paisley, fluttery, sequined..."dress" that Brooke wore on One Tree Hill??

    Sequined, layered, ruched triangle top dress with an asymmetrical low waist
    The WB

    Orange and pink do not match, and I do not know why we thought they did. Also, I cannot imagine this abomination was comfortable.

    20. These lingerie corsets Brooke and Peyton actually wore to a college party on One Tree Hill.

    v neck lace trimmed corsets, one dark and one in leopard print
    The WB

    I did not go to college in the 2000s. Someone who did, please tell me if this was realistic college party attire. I have a sinking feeling it was.

    21. This see-through tiered maxi dress over a cami, covered with a long red sweater and a scarf on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    Long, layered, sheer-ish maxi dress with a tie in the center of the V-neck and a long scarf and cardigan with a tank underneath
    ABC Family

    The saddest part is that I definitely loved this outfit when I first saw Amy wear it. FOR HER WEDDING, BTW.

    22. This crocheted PONCHO Haley wore on One Tree Hill. That's right. I said poncho.

    Crocheted poncho with a long sleeve underneath
    The WB

    Where did she get this?? I would like to write the store a letter of complaint.

    23. This long tunic top with gray jeans and weird ruffle sleeves from The O.C.:

    Suede over-the-shoulder leather strap bag with V-neck elbow-sleeved henley with weird ruffles at the ends of the sleeves
    The WB / courtesy Everett Collection

    They always had these shirts at Hollister or Abercrombie, and I always bought them. Also...remember gray jeans?

    24. This pink-and-white-striped, puff-sleeve, collared polo Rachel wore on Glee.

    Striped puff-sleeve, collared, half-button-up polo and jeans

    I'm pretty sure she got this from Limited Too.

    25. This off-the-shoulder ruched top Haley wore when she threw a party on One Tree Hill.

    Ruffed off-the-shoulder short-sleeve top with a pink fabric flower on the side
    The WB

    Once again, it is the flower that haunts me the most today. I guess we just loved those weird fabric flowers on everything.

    26. This bubble-hemmed bright-pink floral halter dress Blair wore to Bart and Lily's wedding on Gossip Girl.

    Bubble-hemmed floral halter dress with a big fake flower around the neck
    The CW

    Oh look, another flower made out of fabric. Even Blair Waldorf was not immune to their apparent charm.

    27. This bright-orange floral button-up sleeveless top WITH A HOOD Annie wore on 90210.

    half button up tank tunic top with a floral pattern on the side and jeans
    The CW

    I get Annie was supposed to be a fish out of water, but...they did her dirty with this shirt. Also, I'd like to take a moment and mention tank tops that were trying to be dresses, but did not succeed. Those had a Moment™.

    28. This jean shorts over tights, gray vest over a long-sleeve double whammy Amy also wore on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    Deep V sweatervest with a long plaid scarf, jean shorts, and tights
    ABC Family

    Was...was she wearing a Morphsuit underneath this vest and jean shorts combo? Was the scarf meant to distract from that??

    29. And finally, this tube-top striped dress with a rope waist from One Tree Hill:

    Strapless empire-waist striped dress with a rope waist and pocket
    The CW

    I think I had this beach coverup in 2008.

    Oh, the 2000s. A simpler time.

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