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    20 Examples Of Cats Being Nice Because I'm Tired Of The Fake News That They're Evil

    I will hear no more about cats being meanies.

    1. When this cat comforted his owner in the hospital:

    decapitatedwalrus / Reddit

    2. When this kitty gave this doggo a nice, big push!!!

    Orange_Jacket / Reddit / Via

    3. When this cat knew how scary thunderstorms can be!!

    monkeyCmonkeyDoo630 / Reddit / Via

    4. When this cat provided comfort to a not-so-furry friend!!

    titankingz / Reddit / Via

    5. And warmth!!

    ybroufx / Reddit / Via

    6. When this kitty just wanted to help out at the farm:

    bagzilla / Reddit / Via

    7. When this kitty cat showed their friend a little TLC:

    8. When this kitty lent an old rabbit a hand:

    BlueandDog / Reddit / Via

    9. When this cat watched out for their owner!!

    EricPro21 / Reddit / Via

    10. When this cat knew you just want someone to cuddle with after something scary!

    oefdkee / Reddit / Via

    11. When this kitty decided to act as momma to this baby duck:

    12. When this cat comforted their doggo friend in his moment of need:

    Tearsforfearsforever / Reddit / Via

    13. When this kitty took in a pupper after a tragic loss:

    14. When this kitty made a sick pupper feel better!!

    BattleKitten17 / Reddit / Via

    15. And this kitty was just there to be a silent support:

    Percussionoid91 / Reddit / Via

    16. When this kitty stayed up to wait for her owner who'd gone clubbing:

    Classicbottle93 / Reddit / Via

    17. And this kitty came in clutch when their human forgot their keys!

    18. When this kitter saved their human a lot of heartache!

    19. When this kitten was there for their human through thick and thin:

    MochiHeck / Reddit / Via

    If you want to see more, check out the subreddits Animals Being Bros and Kitty Pupper Love! And, of course, Cats.

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