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Bartenders Are Sharing Stereotypes They Assign To Popular Drink Orders And IDK Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Prepare to feel judged.

Everyone has a go-to drink order at bars, but what does your favorite one say about you? 🍸

Dan Levy and Cecily Strong as bartenders in an SNL skit

Here's what bartenders revealed...

1. Margarita

2. Vodka Martini

3. IPA

4. Long Island Iced Tea

5. Chardonnay

6. Tequila Shot

7. A Shot Of Fernet

8. Fruity Frozen Drinks

9. Scotch and Water

10. Mai Tai

11. Negroni

12. Vodka Red Bull

13. Old Fashioned

14. Vodka Soda with a Splash of Cranberry

15. Bellini

16. A Shot With A Fancy Name

17. Cosmopolitan

18. Jack and Coke

19. The Customer Who Asks For An "Extra Strong" Drink

20. Cabernet Sauvignon

21. Frozen Margarita

22. Whiskey Sour

23. Pinot Grigio

24. Pimms Cup

Are these way off or eerily spot on? Leave your thoughts in the comments! 🍷