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Bartenders Are Sharing Stereotypes They Assign To Popular Drink Orders And IDK Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Prepare to feel judged.

Everyone has a go-to drink order at bars, but what does your favorite one say about you? 🍸

Dan Levy and Cecily Strong as bartenders in an SNL skit

Well, Redditor u/pm_me_your_puppydogs asked bartenders to reveal the stereotypes they associate with popular drink orders... and let's just say there's a lot going on here.

Here's what bartenders revealed...

1. Margarita


"Old ladies that want to party usually start with margaritas." β€”u/Modod_

2. Vodka Martini

20th Century Studios.

"These are fancy drunks." β€”u/midasvictim

3. IPA

Marvel Studios

"If I'm asked about the malty flavor or mouthfeel of every IPA we have, it's a hipster in their 20's trying to be cool."β€” u/SpartanLegend

"IPA drinkers are bearded dads who want to ask 15 questions and try 15 samples."β€”u/Booji-Boy

4. Long Island Iced Tea


"Long Island iced teas rarely get tips and are almost always asked to 'make it strong.' It’s nearly an entire cup of liquor. How TF am I supposed to make it stronger?"β€”u/Di5c0_T

"Long island iced tea = let's get f*ed up, fast." β€”u/mukkalukka22

"Usually someone who wants to get drunk for cheap and is going to complain that the drink is not strong enough." β€”u/CoolHandRK1

5. Chardonnay


"A mid-30s woman wanting to get a buzz going while trashing on her suburban life." β€”u/THEBLOODYGAVEL

"High-maintenance middle-aged divorcΓ©e with two kids in private school. Possibly on the prowl for rich single men." β€”u/snake-juice

6. Tequila Shot


"I don't have work tomorrow." β€”u/midasvictim

7. A Shot Of Fernet

Universal Pictures

"I'm from San Francisco." β€”u/Happy_Harry

"I spent a year in Europe." β€”u/midasvictim

8. Fruity Frozen Drinks

Commedy Central

"Fruity or frozen drinks are typically new drinkers." β€”u/lgm1219

9. Scotch and Water

Warner Bros Pictures

"You're over 50 with heart issues." β€”u/BrasAndBarflies

10. Mai Tai


"You’re attracted to exotic people and places, but not enough to get a passport." β€”u/sethra007

11. Negroni


"Hipster 20-something." β€”u/Penholder111

12. Vodka Red Bull


"Usually on some kind of drug. On the bright side they tip well because they're too drunk to care about getting change." β€”u/Elcatro

13. Old Fashioned


"Old fashioned drinkers rarely know jack sh*t about cocktails, but it's a cheap way to pretend you do." β€”u/tacos4tech

"Either someone who knows their booze really well, or not at all, and they want to look sophisticated." β€”u/mukkalukka22

14. Vodka Soda with a Splash of Cranberry

Regency Enterprises

"Vodka soda with a splash of cran will either be an obnoxious white girl or a slender gay man." β€”u/Booji-Boy

15. Bellini


"You have a tab at The Olive Garden." β€”u/sethra007

16. A Shot With A Fancy Name

New Line Cinema

"I can always tell who just turned 21 due to all the complex sweet shots with fancy names being ordered." β€”u/Modod_

17. Cosmopolitan


"This person is almost certainly a pain in the ass." β€”u/thatguyfromnewyork

18. Jack and Coke


"You’ll be fighting someone in a few hours." β€”u/GoodLivinPete

19. The Customer Who Asks For An "Extra Strong" Drink


"They're the ones who say, 'add extra vodka to my drink.' Then I give them the bill and they say, 'Why are you charging me for extra alcohol?'” β€”u/Danysco

20. Cabernet Sauvignon


"You actually say 'I'll have the Cabernet Sauvignon' and over-pronounce Sauvignon. One fancy wine, please!" β€”u/PromoPimp

21. Frozen Margarita


"First drink: 'Omg! I can’t even taste the alcohol.' A few drinks later: 'Wowowow I can’t feel my hands!', then stumbles and falls down." β€”u/Tacos4Tech

22. Whiskey Sour

Columbia Pictures

"I'm drinking underage!" β€”u/Tacos4Tech

23. Pinot Grigio

Paper Kite Productions.

"Has no personality whatsoever." β€”u/snake-juice

24. Pimms Cup


"I love England, and English things, and British flags, and rowing. Did I tell you about the time I went to Henley?" β€”u/Tacos4Tech

Are these way off or eerily spot on? Leave your thoughts in the comments! 🍷