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"It Always Ends In Frustration For Both Of Us, But She Keeps Doing It": Men Are Sharing Common Things That Women Do That Really Baffle Them

"Every relationship I've been in has involved constantly cleaning this from the shower walls."

If you're a man, you might often feel as if women are alien creatures with their own set of quirks, habits, and behaviors that you simply cannot decode or understand. So redditor u/Careful_Ride3205 asked, "Men of Reddit, what is something us women do that baffles you?" Here's what people said, and I personally can't stop laughing at many of them.

1. "My wife likes to do this silent whisper thing when she doesn’t want the kids to know what she's saying. She mouths words, but she exaggerates the movement of her mouth to the point where I don’t know what the heck she’s saying. It always ends in frustration for both of us, but she keeps doing it."

2. "When she talks like we’re sitting in a library and then gets mad when I couldn’t hear what she said."


3. "When she asks you what she should eat. I name five things and she says she's not in the mood for any of it. Then why did you ask me in the first place?!"

4. "The way women don’t dress for the occasion. They dress for the arrival. And then after five minutes they are already uncomfortable."


5. "Decorative pillows. A bed for two people needs eight pillows. Why?! The couch seats four so it gets twelve pillows. Guests come over. Move the pillows. Cleaning? Move, straighten pillows, and fluff the pillows. Complain pillows aren’t correct shade. Buy new pillows. Keep old pillows. Arrange pillows old and new. It’s like a Dr. Suess book of pillows."

6. "Maybe it's just my wife, but she waits until I’m just out of ear shot to start telling me important information. All I hear is Charlie Brown teacher noises."


7. "Getting mad at me for something 'I' did in her dreams."

8. "Speaking with subtext and implications. Women think they're being obvious, but in reality it's very difficult picking up on their attempts to communicate when they're not really saying it."


9. "When she walks right past the thermostat, then sits down and asks me to go turn up the heat."

10. "You're happy to spend an eternity in a store you like, but you complain when I say I'm ready to go. On the other hand, if we're in a store I like, I should be ready to drop everything when you're ready to leave."


11. "This conversation: Me: 'What's wrong babe?' Her: 'Nothing....' Me: 'No really, something is obviously bothering you. Just tell me.' Her: 'I said nothing.' Then later that night I get a text that reads something like 'I can't believe you didn't even try to comfort me tonight. Something was obviously bothering me and you just went on like nothing was up.'"

12. "Why do you share intimate details about our sex life to your friends? It’s strange to me because contrary to what happens in high school movies, guys don’t talk about bedroom stuff to our buddies. That’s private, and we don’t like when you do it."

13. "The passive aggressiveness. We notice things when we notice them. Maybe you got your haircut a day or two ago, but when we compliment you on your hair you respond with something like, 'oh now you finally notice.'"


14. "Take whatever time you need to get ready, whether it be 30 minutes or three hours, but then you rush us to put our shoes on when we're about to leave."

15. "Your obsession with popping pimples. I have had a couple of girlfriends that loved doing this to me. I can't understand how you don't consider that gross 😅."


16. "When a woman says she was into me a while back but not anymore because I didn't make a move when she was communicating her interest (through extremely subtle and undetectable signals). Look, I can't read your thoughts. If you're interested in me just tell me."

17. "They shower with water that's either boiling or freezing. There is no in-between."


18. "Talking to us when you know our attention is somewhere else. My wife does this constantly when I game. I'll have my headset on so I can’t hear anything, and she knows this. But still she’s constantly trying to get my attention to show me something on TikTok or Twitter or something."

19. "When you drive home and immediately send me back to the store for stuff you forgot. Then once I get to the store, seven more items are miraculously added to the list."


20. "Buying things on sale and saying you saved 50% percent, even though you could have saved 100% by not buying it in the first place."

21. "Asking me to do something and then proceed to follow me around and micromanage said task. If you knew how to do it, why didn’t you just do it in the first place?"


22. "How clumps of hair always seem to be stuck to the shower walls. Every relationship I’ve been in has included cleaning hair off the shower walls regularly."

23. "High heels. How do you do it? They look painful, awkward, and impractical. They're objectively terrible shoes. My feet hurt looking at you."


24. "You assume that men are mind readers and get mad when we’re not."

25. "What are all the bottles in the bathroom and all around the shower? Why do you need 300 different potions to clean yourself?"


26. "How they leave every drawer they've ever opened slightly cracked instead of closing it all the way."

Men, what confuses you most about women? And ladies, now's your chance to speak up. What questions do you have about male behavior? Tell us in the comments.

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.