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    18 US Destinations That Feel A Whole Lot Like Europe (Only You Don't Need A Passport To Visit)

    When we can all vacation again, I know where I'm going.

    Maybe you're craving a Eurotrip but you're not quite ready to leave the country, or perhaps you're just looking for a getaway closer to home. Whatever the case, consider these unique US destinations that boast a totally European feel.

    A pathway towards the ocean.

    1. New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    2. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

    Sunrise over a river running between forested mountains

    3. Santa Barbara, California

    A beautiful marina in Santa Barbara, with the ocean and mountains clearly visible

    4. Mackinac Island, Michigan

    A quaint town surrounded by water

    5. Boston, Massachusetts

    A cobblestone street lined with plants and trees

    6. Leavenworth, Washington

    A Bavarian-style village located near the Cascade Mountains

    7. Catalina Island, California

    Boats docked in the harbor of a seaside town

    8. St. Augustine, Florida

    St. Augustine architecture and fountain

    9. Cannon Beach, Oregon

    A hiker in Ecola State Park, Oregon

    10. Sitka, Alaska

    Colorful buildings and boats on a harbor with snowy mountains in the background

    11. Helen, Georgia

    Tall, Bavarian-style buildings

    12. Fredericksburg, Texas

    Biergarten food and drinks

    13. Solvang, California

    Flowers in front of a Solvang windmill

    14. San Francisco, California

    A wide residential street lined with a cars and a trolley running down the middle

    15. Nantucket, Massachusetts

    A quaint house covered in flowers in Nantucket

    16. Napa Valley, California

    A hillside vineyard with mountains in the background

    17. Miami, Florida

    A park with sand and palm trees

    18. Montpelier, Vermont

    Montpellier churches and traditional buildings

    What's your favorite US destination that feels European? Share in the comments below.