People Are Talking About The Parts Of Daily Life That Might Not Go "Back To Normal" Even After The Pandemic Ends

    "Sitting in a doctor's office waiting room when you're sick."

    The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way that we live and interact... maybe even permanently. So Redditor u/sinosty asked, "What will never be the same again once the pandemic is over?" Here are some of the responses.

    A group of people walking on the side walk, all wearing masks

    1. "Movie ticket prices. Paying $20 for a movie when even BEFORE the pandemic hit, most movies weren't even worth that money."

    People eating popcorn at a movie theater.

    2. "The weird pride surrounding dragging yourself to work when you're sick."


    "I think sick days, or WFH if you’re not feeling 100%, will be far more accepted." —u/strippersandcocaine

    3. "Grocery shopping IRL."

    Grocery bags full of produce and eggs.

    4. "Our healthcare workforce. I'm afraid of a mass exodus of nurses in particular."

    "This pandemic kicked everyone's ass, but none more so than healthcare workers." —u/BookishJuka

    5. "Sitting in a doctor's office waiting room when you're sick."

    A stuffed animal lion sitting in a doctor's office waiting room.

    6. "I really REALLY hope all this sets a new precedent in terms of public sanitation."

    "The number of places that are now like, 'Look, we're doing full sanitation procedures to make sure you stay safe!' and it's like... 'You weren't before?!" —u/liliangoose

    7. "Virtual doctor's appointments."

    "I have doctors that make me show up for 15 minutes just to get them to sign a new prescription. Having these visits over video has been such a time saver." —u/SirensToGo

    8. "Not that I ever did it much previously, but I highly doubt I’ll ever eat at a buffet again."

    Salad bar buffet

    9. "My trust in the government."


    10. "Snow days."

    Three kids playing in snow.

    11. "I have plenty of friends I’ve lost all respect for."


    12. "Boundaries between work or school and home."

    A woman working on her laptop in bed with breakfast.

    13. "The blissful ignorance of sticking my fingers in a random bowling ball, then proceeding to eat food without a care in the world."


    14. "Commuting. I’m sure I will work from home regularly."

    People waiting for the subway.

    15. "Hopefully pizza delivery. No contact-pizza delivery is the best thing to come out of this."

    16. "On a personal level. I've learned about what I can and can't live with, what I need around me and what can just drift away with the wind."


    17. "Wearing masks in public whenever we might be feeling under the weather."

    A woman wearing a face mask.

    18. "Many smaller businesses that are already heavily suffering will not able to recover even after the pandemic."

    "It has become so normal for many to just use Amazon." —u/mikevseveryone

    19. "Leaving space between people waiting in lines"

    Lots of people waiting in a busy line.

    20. "Old school etiquette-type things like shaking hands, hugging, or holding a door for someone."

    "I think now people will be less likely to do some of these things. It’s sad." —u/kitcatpaints

    21. "I think cruise ships might be done for."

    A cruise shit in the ocean.

    22. "It’s probably wishful thinking, but I really hope governments start taking a hard fucking look at how nursing homes are run."


    23. "Movie theaters."

    Friends watching a movie on a projector screen.

    24. "Adults living with their family. I think it'll be more widely accepted in the Western world."


    25. "I'm never wearing a bra again babyyyyyyyyy!"

    Is there something else you think the pandemic has changed forever, for better or for worse? Tell us in the comments below.