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    I've Lived In Both Spain And The US, And These Are The 19 Things The Spanish Do Wayyyy Better

    American "tapas bars" just don't cut it...

    Don't get me wrong, I love living in the United States and I'm a proud New Yorker for life, but if there were one place I would move to, it would probably be Spain.

    A woman on a beach in Barcelona.

    I lived in Barcelona for five months on a study abroad program in college, and I traveled around the country to different regions from Basque Country to Andalucia. And since my semester abroad, I've returned to Spain almost every year. I guess I just can't stay away, thanks to these things that Spain does better than the US.

    Colorful Gaudí architecture.

    1. The wine...especially the cava

    A glass of rosé wine.

    2. The laid-back, relaxed pace of things

    A quiet street by the beach in Barcelona.

    3. The freshly squeezed juice

    A woman drinking a coconut juice.

    4. The beaches (~swoon~)

    Barceloneta beach in Barcelona.

    5. The jamón 🤤🤤🤤

    A cup of cured ham.

    6. The late dinner hour

    A man at a restaurant.

    7. The work-life balance

    Surfers at the beach.

    8. The tapas bars

    9. The food markets

    A woman at a seafood counter in a market.

    10. The public transportation

    A big train station.

    11. The incredibly affordable budget flights

    An aerial view of San Sebastian.

    12. The lengthy midweek lunch hour

    A man drinking a beer at a restaurant.

    13. The olive oil

    Tapas covered in olive oil.

    14. The candy stores

    A bottle filled with candy in the sand

    15. The drinking culture

    A man pouring two glasses of wine.

    16. The architecture

    Seville architecture.

    17. The fútbol

    A football stadium with fans.

    18. The Mediterranean climate

    People walking on a beach.

    19. And finally, the cuisine

    Plus, tapas are pretty much the perfect meal because you get to try little bites of so many delicious things.

    A bunch of tapas on a table.

    Have you ever lived abroad or traveled somewhere that made you feel like you could stay there forever? Tell us in the comments below!