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    Non-Americans Are Sharing Specific Items They Expect To Find In Every American Home, And I Can Confirm They Are Jarringly Accurate

    I was ready to roll my eyes only to discover that everyone has, in fact, walked through my own home...

    There are lots of stereotypes about Americans. So I couldn't help but wonder what people had to say when redditor u/Ryrylx asked, "Non-Americans, what do you think every American person has in their house?" Here are the responses. (And honestly, there is so much truth to these.)

    1. "A switch that, when you flick it, turns your sink into a blender."

    A garbage disposal

    2. "Every American household has a drawer full of random shit (dead batteries, screws, shoelaces, etc.)."

    Drawer with many miscellaneous objects

    3. "A bedroom window through which teenagers come and go at night."

    4. "A fridge with an ice dispenser built into it."

    A fridge with an ice maker

    5. "A mounted bass that sings songs."

    Big Mouth Billy Bass toy

    6. "A microwave with a special popcorn setting."

    Microwave popcorn

    7. "A sofa that faces a studio audience."

    8. "The type of washing machines where you put everything in the top! This fascinated me when we visited the States. They’re huge!"

    A laundry room

    9. "Drywall....lots of drywall."

    A home under construction

    10. "Large quantities of over-the-counter drugs in huge bottles."

    Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen caplets

    11. "A plastic bag filled with plastic bags."

    Plastic grocery bags.

    12. "Peanut butter. It’s available where I live, but it's not something everyone would have in the cupboard. I associate a PB&J sammie as part of US culture (as well as a grilled cheese)."

    Close-Up Of Peanut Butter In Jar

    13. "Individual cans or bottles of soft drinks."

    Interior of a home fridge showing several groceries, specially drinks

    14. "I’m convinced almost every American has a mountain of pillows on their bed."

    A bed with a mountain of pillows on top of it

    15. "A gallon of milk in the refrigerator...multiplied by the number of teenage boys in the house."

    Condiments, sauces, alcohol and milk stored in the door of a home fridge.

    16. "Ranch dressing."

    Homemade ranch dressing in a dish

    17. "One of those giant containers of orange ball snack food."

    Top view of cheese puff balls snack

    18. "Like five sticks of butter minimum."

    A stick of butter on a counter

    19. "A dusty jar filled with coins (mostly pennies)...and ask them why, because the replies are always humorous."

    Loose change spilling from a savings jar of money

    20. "At least one cabinet dedicated to Halloween decorations."

    A house decorated for Halloween

    21. "Multiple packets of sliced fake cheese in the fridge."

    Macro closeup photo of individually packed slices of cheese

    22. "So many sauces. An entire refrigerator door filled with sauces."

    An overcrowded fridge door with sauces

    23. "That ominous sliced white bread."

    A sandwich made with white bread

    24. "Eggs inside the fridge."

    Eggs in the refrigerator

    25. "A ton of those red disposable beer cups."

    26. "A second garage fridge filled with beer and frozen boxes of crap from Costco."

    Frozen food boxes

    And it only gets better once you read the American responses...

    "Came here expecting gun comments only to discover instead that everyone has apparently walked through my house."

    "I came here ready to roll my eyes at the expected responses, but instead am here to confirm your accusations."

    "Came here looking for jokes; found a bunch of people describing my home."

    "Came here for jokes, left feeling called out. And reminded that I need to add peanut butter to our grocery list because we are almost out and can’t function at breakfast time without it."

    Did we miss anything? Share your additions in the comments!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.