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Tell Us The Weirdest Things You Eat When No One Is Around

*Dips Oreo in ketchup*

Everyone has weird food habits they're ashamed of and would never eat in public, but that they indulge in when no one's watching.

Like, maybe on your way home from the bar, you tend to stop at the local movie theater for a large popcorn to go.

Or maybe you dip Doritos in milk so they're nice and soft, then you drink the glass of cheesy milk.

Perhaps you eat slices of butter in between crackers like little tea sandwiches.

Or just maybe you order Dominos pizza with the Cinna Stix just so you can drizzle the frosting on your cheesy slice.

Or you love pickles so much you drink the leftover briny juice from the jar. (Guys, it's not a big dill).

So don't be shy. Tell us your most shameful food habits. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!