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    I Cook Almost Every Single Day, And These Little Tips Actually Add Up To Make A Huge Difference For Me

    They're all low-effort — but they make a world of difference.

    Maybe you cook at home all the time, or perhaps you're trying to cook more in the new year. Whatever the case, these simple small-but-mighty tips will make cooking more enjoyable, add flavor to all of your dishes, and make you more comfortable in the kitchen.

    A man cooking in the kitchen with a woman.

    1. Take the time to mise en place.

    Ingredients in small bowls.

    2. Avoid cranking up your burner to high heat.

    Browning sliced mushrooms in a skillet.

    3. Taste and season your food as you cook, not just at the end.

    A woman preparing spaghetti with meat sauce.

    4. Always wait until the pan is hot.

    Putting vegetables in a pan on the stove.

    5. Save your leftover pasta water.

    Spaghetti with red sauce in a skillet.

    6. Cook any grains or starchy foods in chicken broth instead of water.

    A ladle in a pot of chicken broth.

    7. Hands off! Don't mess with your food while it cooks.

    Cubes of chicken in a skillet.

    8. When cooking meat, use a thermometer.

    A meat thermometer in a chicken.

    9. Think about the balance between salt, heat, fat, and acid.

    Squeezing lime over salad.

    10. In the same vein, don't be afraid of using salt.

    Salting a fish fillet.

    11. Clean as you go! (Seriously, I can't emphasize this enough.)

    A pile of unwashed dishes stacked in a kitchen sink.

    12. Add garlic toward the end of cooking.

    Onion and garlic in a pan

    13. Fresh herbs can make a world of difference.

    Pasta with fresh basil

    14. Let meat come to room temperature before cooking.

    Fresh salmon for cooking

    15. Pay attention to the type of oil you're cooking with.

    A T-Bone steak in a skillet.

    16. Don't overuse your non-stick pans.

    Making an omelet with vegetables.

    17. Roast vegetables for longer than you might expect to for a good char.

    18. Read the recipe thoroughly before beginning to cook.

    A recipe in a cookbook

    19. Let meat rest before cutting into it.

    Pork chop with roast apples.

    20. Cook different cuts of meat accordingly.

    Tender short ribs braised in red wine

    21. Don't forget to deglaze the pan.

    A pan with brown bits of food stuck to it.

    22. To achieve the best sear, pat down meat and fish with a paper towel.

    Two pieces of crispy skinned salmon in a pan.

    23. And brine basically any type of meat to bring out the best possible flavor.

    Chicken breasts brining with fresh thyme

    What cooking tip has made a big difference for you in the kitchen? Tell us in the comments below.