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    "Describing Oneself As This In An Unironic Way": People Are Sharing The Signs That Immediately Reveal Someone Is Pretentious

    "My cousin, for example, rolls every 'r' on a Spanish word like 'burrito.' Meanwhile she's been to Puerto Rico twice."

    We've all come across them — people who think just a little too highly of themselves. And chances are, you've witnessed someone say or do something so flashy, pompous, or self-righteous it made your eyes roll back in your head. So redditor u/LandPiranha63 asked, "What's something that screams 'pretentious'?" Here's what people said.

    1. "Claiming to be a 'foodie.' Smh. Just order your food and sit down."

    2. "People who act condescending or snobby about movies. If you don’t like a movie that they like, they will say something like,'You just didn’t get it.' No I got it, I just thought it was crap."


    3. "Harvard University students and grads who inevitably drop the H-bomb within the first three sentences of meeting someone new."

    4. "People who shit on genres of music that aren't their favorite one. You might be surprised to learn that there are as many fans of heavy metal, rap, rock, and jazz who are just as pretentious as snobby classical music listeners."


    5. "Carrying a dog around in a purse."

    6. "Talking about disliking popular things all the time as if it makes them cool."


    7. "Using the phrase 'old soul' to describe yourself. I went on a date with a guy that claimed to be an old soul. I asked him in what way and he answered that he likes jazz music."

    8. "Name-droppers who keep trying to impress by mentioning wealthy, famous people they claim to know."


    9. "Speaking in abstract, business-trendy MBA-talk so that there's almost no chance anyone listening would have any idea what was just said."

    10. "People who are disrespectful of people who work in professions they deem to be 'easy' or of those who work in the service industry."


    11. "Swirling around some wine in a fancy glass before you smell it, and then saying something like, 'I get leather, oak, umami, charcoal, cigarettes, pencil shavings, chocolate, coffee, and a note of something floral and herbaceous.' Then downing the whole glass of wine at once and saying, 'It has a good mouthfeel.'"

    12. "Using pricey ingredients in home cooking that are only expensive for the sake of being expensive and not because they have any noticeable impact on the taste, nutritional content, environment, or ethics of the meal."


    13. "Buying something, doing something, or going somewhere solely for the name attached to it."

    14. "People faking accents. My cousin, for example, rolls every 'r' on a word that she says in Spanish, like burrito. She's been to Puerto Rico twice."


    15. "Eating any type of food served with gold leaf on it."

    Dark chocolate tartlet with gold flakes.

    16. "Wearing luxury clothing with brand names all over everything. It's that glorious place where pretentious and trashy intersect."


    17. "Using 'summer' as a verb. Like the person who says, 'Well, we live in Los Angeles, but we summer on Martha's Vineyard.'"

    18. "Using words that you know the person you’re speaking to doesn't understand."


    19. "Ordering an ultra-specific beverage order from Starbucks."

    20. "Posting on social media to thank people after some sort of accomplishment. It's a thinly veiled brag about an announcement and it's just to get attention. You're not accepting a Grammy award. You're starting a new job. That's it."


    21. "Seeing and insisting that 'classics' are superior to anything modern (books, music, movies, cars, whatever). It's great to appreciate the classics, but you need to have a reason beyond 'because it's a classic.' Just because the old stuff is good doesn't mean the new stuff is not."

    22. "Correcting someone when he/she calls you ‘Mr.' or ‘Ms.' by passive-aggressively saying ‘I'm a Dr…’ Like, I get that you worked hard for that PhD, but please move on."


    23. "Wearing shitty clothes with big labels or logos on them. Like a black T-shirt with Balenciaga in white lettering. Want to look classy and expensive at the same time? Go bespoke."

    24. "Talking openly about how much you spent on this or that item — such as a luxury watch."


    25. "That guy who goes for sushi with you and then starts telling you all about the 'authentic' Japanese way to eat sushi. For example, 'In Japan they don't mix wasabi into the soy sauce.""

    26. "Making a point to only buy name brands, even if the generic or less expensive version is just as good quality."


    27. And lastly, "Describing oneself as an intellectual in a completely unironic way."

    What are the most pretentious things you've heard people say or do? Tell us in the comments.