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    30 Recipes That Actually Taught People To Cook, And I Want To Make Them All

    "After I made this dish, something clicked. Cooking techniques started to make sense."

    When it comes to cooking, the best way to get better is really just to practice and make lots of different dishes. So redditor u/DerWeltenficker asked "What recipe taught you the most about cooking?" Here are some of the responses.

    1. "Steak"

    Steak with butter on top in a skillet.

    2. "Gumbo"

    A person cooking vegetable for gumbo.

    3. "Pasta Bolognese"

    A big pot of Bolognese sauce on the stovetop.

    4. "Ragu"

    Stirring ragu in a skillet with a wooden spoon.

    5. "Scrambled Eggs"

    Pouring a beaten egg mixture into a frying pan.

    6. "Macarons"

    A woman baking macarons.

    7. "Pizza Dough From Scratch"

    A person kneading pizza dough on a floured surface.

    8. "Braised Short Ribs"

    Braised short ribs in a pot.

    9. "Simple Roasted Vegetables"

    Colorful roasted asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, and onion on a sheet pan.

    10. "Hard-Boiled Eggs"

    Peeling and slicing cooked hard boiled eggs.

    11. "Stir-Fry"

    Making stir fry vegetables in a wok.

    12. "Brioche"

    Someone putting brioche rolls into the oven.

    13. "Chicken Soup"

    A pot of homemade chicken soup.

    14. "Basic Tomato Sauce"

    Stirring a pot of tomato sauce.

    15. "French Onion Soup"

    Ingredients for French onion soup on a countertop.

    16. "Soups And Stews"

    Homemade stew in a Dutch oven.

    17. "Risotto"

    Stirring risotto in a skillet.

    18. "Chili"

    Homemade chili with cornbread on the side.

    19. "Cacio e Pepe"

    A few strands of cacio e pepe pasta.

    20. "Roux"

    Melted butter and flour for a roux.

    21. "Curry"

    Assorted spices for curry.

    22. "Cassoulet"

    Homemade cassoulet in a small cast iron skillet.

    23. "Proper Mac 'n' Cheese From Scratch"

    Freshly grated cheese and milk for mac 'n' cheese.

    24. "Pasta Aglio e Olio"

    A skillet of spaghetti in garlic and oil.

    25. "Frying Eggs In A Cast-Iron Pan"

    Someone frying two eggs in a cast iron skillet.

    26. "Sous Vide Cooking"

    Meat vacuum sealed and ready to be cooked sous vide.

    27. "Beef Bourguignon"

    Someone pouring wine into a pot of beef stew.

    28. "Bechamel Sauce"

    Someone taking a spoonful of bechamel sauce.

    29. "Coq Au Vin"

    Ingredients for coq au vin on a countertop.

    30. "Not an actual recipe, but preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner."

    Ingredients for holiday turkey.

    Is there a recipe or dish that got you interested in cooking or taught you an important cooking lesson? Tell us in the comments below.