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    Americans Are Sharing The Iconic Foods That Instantly Give Away Where They're From — And I'm Wondering If You Agree

    Do you have one to add?

    Depending on where you're from in the US, you probably grew up eating some regional and specific foods that instantly remind you of home. So u/Boss31112 asked, "Using only food, where did you grow up?" Here's how people from all across the country responded.

    1. Louisiana: "Jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish, and po'boys."

    New Orleans crawfish etoufee
    Getty Images


    "A bowl of gumbo with a half muffuletta and some crawfish on the side. For dessert, either some king cake or moon pie of course."


    2. New Jersey: "Taylor ham, egg, and cheese."

    Taylor ham, pork roll, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a kaiser roll.
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    "Don't forget the disco fries."


    3. South Carolina: "Lowcountry boil, shrimp & grits, boiled peanuts, cathead biscuits, potato salad made with mustard, cornbread, okra & stewed tomatoes, sweet potato pie, fried green tomatoes."

    A lowcountry seafood boil.
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    4. Rochester, NY: "Garbage plates."

    5. New Mexico: "Red or green chile."

    A burrito with green chile.
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    6. Minnesota: "Tater tot hot dish."

    Tater tot hotdish.
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    "And Juicy Lucy's."


    7. Philadelphia: "Hoagies, cheesesteaks, and soft pretzels."

    Philly cheesesteak and fries.
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    "Don't forget wooder ice."


    8. Massachusetts: "Lobster, baked beans, chowdah."

    Boston clam chowder.
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    "Fluffernutters for lunch, steamers for dinner, and Dunkin' coffee whenever we damn well please."


    9. Michigan: "Blue Moon ice cream and paczki."

    Paczki stuffed with cream.
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    10. Washington: "Apples, salmon, and teriyaki."

    Teriyaki salmon over rice.
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    11. Albany: "Steamed hams."

    Steamed hams aka a hamburger.
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    12. Rural Pennsylvania: "Smoky, slightly sweet bologna, and also scrapple, red beet eggs, and whoopie pies."

    Scrapple, eggs, potatoes, and toast.
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    13. Georgia: "Boiled peanuts."

    Boiled peanuts.
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    14. Oregon: "Coffee, craft beer, and Voodoo Doughnuts."

    A tray of donuts.
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    15. Nebraska: "Runza."

    Beef runza.
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    16. San Francisco: "Sourdough bread and Dungeness crabs."

    A loaf of sourdough bread.
    Eduardo Loyola Paternina / Getty Images/EyeEm

    17. North Carolina: "Cheerwine and pulled pork with vinegar-based barbecue sauce."

    Carolina BBQ pulled pork.
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    18. Florida: "Alligator quesadillas, grouper, key lime pie, Publix subs."

    A slice of key lime pie.
    Chuck Kahn / Getty Images/EyeEm

    19. Tuscon, Arizona: "Bacon wrapped Sonoran dogs."

    20. Hawaii: "Spam musubi and shaved ice."

    Hawaiian shaved ice.
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    21. Connecticut: "Hot buttered lobster rolls or franks and beans on Saturday night."

    A buttered lobster roll.
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    22. New York: "Chopcheese and bacon, egg, and, cheese on a roll."

    Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel.
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    "Don't forget about saltpepperketchup."


    23. Chicago, Illinois: "Italian Beef, mostaccioli marinara, fried chicken, and giardiniera."

    An Italian beef sandwich.
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    24. Maryland: "Steamed crabs and pit beef."

    Maryland steamed crabs
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    25. Texas: "Smoked brisket and kolaches."

    Texas brisket on a cutting board.
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    26. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "A Primanti bros sandwich with cold slaw and french fries all on the sandwich."

    27. Cincinnati, Ohio: "Skyline and Goldstar chili, Graeter's ice cream."

    Cincinnati chili.
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    28. Utah: "Fry sauce."

    Potato wedges with fry sauce.
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    29. Wisconsin: "Cheese, beer, bratwurst, and fried fish."

    Brawurst on rolls.
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    "Let’s not forget the deep-fried cheese curds!"


    30. Indiana: "Pork tenderloin sandwich. Specifically, breaded tenderloin the size of a seat cushion with a tiny bun."

    A giant pork tenderloin sandwich.
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    31. Southern California: "In-N-Out burger, burritos, fish tacos, stone IPA."

    In-N-Out burger and fries animal style.
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    32. St. Louis, Missouri: "Toasted ravioli, provel cheese, [insert city name here] style barbecue, gooey butter cake"

    Kansas city BBQ.
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    33. Alabama: "White BBQ sauce"

    Fried chicken wings with Alabama white sauce.
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    So, using only food, where did you grow up? Tell us in the comments below!