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    People Are Sharing Their Most Controversial Food Opinions And Habits, And I Think I Need To Sit Down

    Anchovies — discuss.

    We all have opinions. That's what makes us human. But when it comes to food, some opinions — and habits — are hotly debated. So redditor u/QueenCreeper786 asked, "What is your most controversial food opinion?" Here are the responses, and some are bound to get you fired up.

    1. "I eat kiwis with the skin on like an apple."

    Two kiwis and one sliced in half

    2. "I eat dry cereal out of a bowl and drink the milk separately."


    3. "Deep dish pizza is just a casserole. Try to change my mind."

    Taking a slice of deep dish pizza from the pan

    4. I prefer Kraft singles to anything else on a grilled cheese sandwich."

    Half of a gooey grilled cheese sandwich

    5. "Everything and anything can be eaten for breakfast."

    "I'm sure eating pasta for breakfast is way healthier than some 'breakfast' foods. I'm looking at you, donuts." —u/Oxy_Onslaught

    6. "I eat sardines on toast a few times a week for breakfast."

    Toast with sardines on it

    7. "Cheese pizza is best. The extra toppings can overpower the taste of the pizza."


    "Any pizzeria that offers crazy toppings is just overcompensating for bad pizza." —u/Euphoric-Orchid488

    8. "Stale cola and leftover pizza is my favorite breakfast."

    A slice of pizza and a glass of Coke.

    9. "MSG is awesome. I put it in a salt shaker with table salt and use it in everything. It's pure umami, and it's game-changing."


    10. "Shrimp are insects of the sea. There, I said it."

    A skillet of cooked shrimp

    11. "Homemade corned beef hash is pretty good, but canned corned beef hash is next level."

    Corned beef hash with poached egg and toast

    12. "Most tomatoes are bland, mushy, tasteless things that don't belong in food."


    "When used as a topping on burgers, etc., tomatoes are all I taste. They are super overpowering." —u/DogePerformance

    13. "I like ramen but hate when it includes an egg. It just messes up the texture for me."

    A bowl of ramen with a soft-boiled egg and seaweed

    14. "Oatmeal raisin is one of my favorite cookies. I'm actually happy that so many people hate them because more for me."

    Oatmeal raisin cookies.

    15. "I'm Mexican, and I love Taco Bell. I know it's not Mexican food and that it's objectively bad, but I like it."

    16. "McDonald's McRib sucks."

    17. "Canned fish is delicious. Not just sardines and anchovies but all kinds of canned seafood — like clams and squid."

    Different kinds of tinned fish

    18. "Greenish bananas taste better. The ripe, yellow ones are too sweet."

    19. "Raisins taste good by themselves and in baked goods. I don’t know why people hate them so much."


    20. "Raisin Bran is the best cereal."

    21. "I mash my tater tots into an almost rice-like texture and eat them with a fork."


    22. "I always eat dessert first in case I'll be too full to eat it after a meal."

    A banana split with cherries and nuts

    23. "White chocolate is a nasty insult to real chocolate."


    24. "Sandwiches taste better with only one slice of bread."

    An open-faced sandwich with cheese, tomato, pickles, and lettuce

    25. "Tuna is basically cat food."


    26. "Fries taste better with mayonnaise than with ketchup."

    27. "Anchovies belong on pizza. It tastes like salty goodness."

    A Neopolitan pizza with anchovies

    28. "The only acceptable way to eat a cucumber is to turn it into a pickle."

    Three pickles in a bowl

    29. "Nuts do not belong in or near desserts."

    "There's no easier way to ruin a perfectly good brownie or carrot cake than by adding nuts." —u/pretty_something

    30. "Chocolate chips have absolutely NO business in pancakes."

    Chocolate chip pancakes cooking in a cast iron skillet

    Do you have a strong food opinion that people might consider controversial? Tell us in the comments below.