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    People Are Sharing Simple But Useful Life Hacks, And Some Are Seriously Brilliant

    I'll never again eat cereal any other way.

    We've all heard those random tips and tidbits that make something so much easier. So redditor u/Insanitanium12 asked, "What simple life hack should everyone know?" Here were some of the responses that will make you say, "Ooh, that's pretty smart."

    1. "For the most reliable information on Amazon products, read the three- and four-star reviews."

    A review of a food processor on Amazon.

    2. When moving, number your boxes. Unpack the highest numbers first, which should contain the things you use most often."


    3. "If you buy natural peanut butter, turn it upside down for a few hours."

    Universal Pictures

    "It will bring the oil to the top and make it easier to mix. Then, after you mix it, put it in the fridge, and the cold will solidify the oil, so you don't have to mix it again." u/Thisisnotsky

    4. The easiest way to remove blood stains from clothing is to use bar soap and hand wash it."

    "It works better than using laundry detergent." u/RieMarxelinne

    5. "When you are cooking anything in the oven, add garlic cloves with the hard skin, but remove as much of the paper skin as possible."

    HBO Max

    "It will cook the garlic inside the shell to a creamy texture, and it tastes amazing." u/gregmc

    6. "If you need to open a glass jar like jam or pickles and the lid won't move, place a spoon with the tip under the edge of the lid and pull the spoon upwards."

    "The lid will budge, and you can open the jar easily." u/deleted

    7. "If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin."


    "While you're waiting to get the result, your mind automatically starts to wish for what it wants. Then you can choose easily." u/riathekid

    8. "Put a piece of kitchen towel in packaged salad mix. It will absorb moisture and prolong its shelf life."


    9. "Crack an egg on a flat surface instead of on an edge. You're much less likely to get shells in your eggs."


    10. "Reheat cold pizza in a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil and a sheet of aluminum foil over the top."

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    "It reheats pizza to perfection." u/TTVBlitz_f4kegod

    11. "Say it out loud when you turn off the stove burners, unplug the hair straightener, etc...."

    "It helps to eliminate those moments where you leave the house and suddenly panic, thinking, 'Did I leave that on?'" u/PlasticRuester

    12. "Changing your pillow case daily can help with acne."


    "Or you can put a clean T-shirt or towel over your pillow." u/deleted

    13. "Honey does not go bad. If it has gone solid, it has just crystallized and can become liquid again if you put the bottle under hot water."


    14. "Buy anything you'd need in your kitchen from a restaurant supply store. ANY thing.


    "From plates and glasses to pans, etc.... There are a few online that sell to consumers. Everything is sold for a fraction of the price you'd find it anywhere else." u/FenwayFranks

    15. "The seatbelt in your car can be used as a bottle opener."


    16. "Whenever you have a time to be somewhere, aim to be there 15 minutes early, to allow for 'time snags' or for traffic."

    Kristin Wiig stuck in traffic.

    17. "To confirm which circuit breaker is associated with an outlet, plug in an old radio and turn the volume up before you flip the circuit breaker."


    18. "When you make cereal, put the bowl and a glass of milk in the freezer for about 10 minutes beforehand."


    "The milk stays cold, and it keeps the cereal from becoming soggy so quickly. It will be the best cereal you’ve ever had." u/AnnaBanana3468

    19. "If you accidentally have caps lock on, instead of deleting all your text and starting over, you can highlight the caps and hit shift + F3 to switch it all back to lowercase."


    20. "Instead of buying chip bag clips, use clothes pins. You can get a pack of 50 at Walmart for about a dollar."


    21. "Use a straw to poke a hole through the middle of a strawberry and efficiently remove the green part."


    22. "Reheat just about anything in the air fryer. It makes any leftover food taste amazing."

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    23. "Eat Cheetos with chopsticks."


    24. "Equal parts Dawn dish soap, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle is the best bathroom cleaner ever."


    "It removes soap scum with no scrubbing." u/geministarz6

    25. "Cut half of the cake portion of a cupcake and put it on top of the icing, essentially creating a sandwich."

    Tina Fey eating a cupcake sandwich.

    "Best and least messy way to eat a cupcake." u/riddus

    Do you have a life hack that others might find useful? Tell us in the comments below!