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    Frequent Travelers Are Sharing Seriously Smart Travel Tips, And I Can't Wait To Use Them

    Three words: Locals know best.

    Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences...especially if you know a few useful tips and tricks. So redditor u/empmccoy asked, "What is your most useful uncommonly known travel tip?" Here are some of the responses.

    1. "If you need to rent a car, rent from a place that is a short drive from the airport rather than from a car rental location at the airport itself."

    Someone driving a car
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    "The difference will save you a ton of money." —u/mtg-Moonkeeper

    2. "Plan ahead of time how you're going to get from the airport to your accommodation."

    "When you land is when you're most vulnerable: tired, not thinking clearly, and desperate to get to your room. Do some research ahead of time and figure out your transportation plan."—u/gotthelowdown

    3. "Some of the best food you can find is street food."

    A woman serving street food in Thailand.
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    "The best food I ate in Vietnam was street food: banh mi, which cost 50 cents, and beef pho for $2." —u/Son_of_Phoebus

    4. "Get a credit card that includes airport lounge access. Flying will never be the same."


    5. "Eat what the locals tell you to eat, not what you think you'll like."

    A plate with a slice of a soufflé-type meal
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    6. "Learn a few basic words or phrases in the native language, like 'please,' 'thank you,' etc."

    "You'll have a better time interacting with people, and locals will be surprisingly gracious and helpful if you show you've made an attempt to connect. —u/[deleted]

    7. "Ask your hotel staff what it should cost to take a local taxi to or from your desired destination."

    A taxicab on a city street
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    "Confirm it with your cabdriver ahead of time so he or she can't charge you 10 times the proper rate." —u/no_talent_ass_clown

    8. "Split your cash and cards between luggage items. Don't take everything with you at once when it's not necessary."


    9. "A lot of European cities have free walking tours...which are actually free."

    People walking in a plaza in Lisbon.
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    "They're a great opportunity to meet other people, learn some history, and get recommendations from your tour guide." —u/Czech_cat

    10. "If you're taking a taxi, always agree on the price before you get in the car."

    "Cabdrivers will sometimes try to rip you off just because you're a foreigner." —u/Cubanise

    11. "Stop into local grocery stores and markets when traveling internationally."

    A Mexican open-air market with produce
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    "You see what the locals buy for their daily groceries, discover new foods, and find much cheaper souvenirs to bring home." —u/Sumtinkwrung

    12. "Be flexible. Not everything will go according to plan. That's when the best travel stories begin."


    13. "You'll never remember how much that cool thing you wanted to do actually cost you, but you will always remember doing the cool thing."

    Hot air balloons flying over Göreme, Turkey
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    14. "Don't plan too many activities in advance. Rather, enjoy the moment."

    "Not every single hour of travel must be predetermined. Go with the flow and wander around the city. Pop into a restaurant you didn't already find on TripAdvisor." —u/regdayrf2

    15. "The concierge at your hotel is your best friend. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path activity, directions, or great food, ask them. They know."

    The concierge in "Grand Budapest Hotel"
    Searchlight Pictures

    16. "Never use the currency exchange, especially at the airport. It's cheaper to get cash from an ATM at your destination."


    17. "When you pack, roll your clothing. You can fit so much more, even in a carry-on bag."

    A woman packing her suitcase
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    18. "Before you check into your accommodations, pick up some nonperishable snacks and drinks for your room. It's cheaper than restaurants or room service."


    19. "Always photocopy and take a photo on your phone of your passport and any other important documents."

    Someone holding a passport over a laptop with a map and camera on the side
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    20. "When you arrive in a country with a six-hour-plus time difference, stay up until about 11 p.m. their time."

    "You'll very quickly adjust to the new time zone, and jet lag won't affect your first few days of travel." —u/Rat101

    21. "You can skip just about every line in Europe if you buy a pass or purchase the tickets beforehand."

    People waiting outside the Louvre in Paris
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    22. "Only check a bag if you absolutely have to. You'll save so much money and time by packing only a carry-on."


    23. "At least once in your life, travel alone."

    A woman bike riding in an Asian city
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    "Bonus points if it's for longer than a week and not just in a big city."—u/notsofastandy

    24. "Double-check your passport for the expiration date."

    "Many countries require six months of validity to grant entry, so the effective 'deadline' might actually be sooner than the expiration date listed on your passport." —u/gotthelowdown

    25. "Load your Google Maps when you have Wi-Fi. Even without internet, Google still tracks your location, so you'll always have a visual for directions."

    Two women looking at maps on their phones
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    "Google Maps also lets you download an area to use in offline mode." —u/Fastco

    26. "Travel with one adapter/converter and a power board. It's much cheaper and provides multiple sockets for all your electronics."


    27. "As soon as possible, become friends with a local. That will make everything 90% easier than it otherwise would be."

    People eating dim sum
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    Do you have a travel tip others should know about? Tell us in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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