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    25 Terrible Cooking Habits That Should Merit Removal From The Kitchen ASAP

    "Rule number one, clean as you go."

    So, redditor u/Xxxxsd asked "What bad cooking habits get on your nerves?" Some of them are totally unforgivable. Here are some of the kitchen tendencies that seriously irk people.

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    1. "When people mess with the timer/burner when I’m cooking."

    A pot steaming over a heavy flame.
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    "I had some tomato sauce going at a nice even simmer, but apparently someone else in my household thought it should be boiling like pasta water, so they jacked up the temperature." —u/Alaylaria

    2. "When I'm cooking and someone touches the stove unless I ask them to."

    "Don't toss the veggies in the frying pan. Don't flip the steak in the pan. Don't touch it! I'm most likely trying to get a specific color, texture, or cook on that ingredient. You touching everything on the stove means it won't get cooked properly." —u/smokinbbq

    3. "Messy cooks."

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    "You know, the one who uses all the pots and pans and bowls and plates and leaves them all over the counter." —u/Xxxxsd

    4. "People who have no flexibility when it comes to executing recipes."

    "If a recipe calls for thyme and you don't have any, it's OK to use rosemary or another herb." —u/cparex

    5. "People who don't taste their food as they cook it."

    A woman twirling pasta in the pan.
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    "It shocks me that this isn't obvious to some people." —u/broughttoyoubytrauma

    6. "When people press down hard on everything they’re cooking in a pan."

    "Making pancakes? Flip them but don't mash them down with the spatula." —u/dirtsmcmerts

    7. "Parents who only steam vegetables and barely use salt or pepper, then act shocked when their kids don't like to eat them."

    A plate of various steamed veggies like carrots, corn, and broccoli.
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    "Of course they don't want to eat bland, steamed veggies. Adults wouldn't either." —u/SkySong13

    8. "People who buy glass cutting boards, especially the textured ones."

    "I would rather dice carrots on pretty much anything other than a glass cutting board." —u/deleted

    9. "When people don't salt their food while cooking and expect the salt shaker at the table to do the job."

    A woman salting her vegetables as they cook in the pan.
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    "You need to season throughout the cooking process." —u/NailBat

    10. "And people who automatically grab the salt shaker and salt their food before they taste it."

    "Bro, I already seasoned it." —u/drainage_holes

    11. "Adding garlic in the pan too early and burning it."

    Garlic frying with spices in a pan.
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    12. "People who cut everything with a steak knife. Apples, onions, watermelon, chicken, not require a steak knife."


    13. "When people cut meat against the grain."

    Slicing a piece of meat with the grain.
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    14. "When people crowd the pan and end up steaming what's inside instead of browning it."


    15. "Using margarine and thinking it's the same as butter."

    Cooking mashed potatoes with butter, cream, and scallions.
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    16. "Using metal utensils in non-stick pots and pans."

    "It scratches and ruins them so they are no longer non-stick." —u/yazzie85

    17. "Unhygienic cooks. Clean as you go. Wash your hands all the time. Use a tasting spoon once, please."

    A woman washing lettuce in the sink.
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    "Rule number one, clean as you go." —u/RBMAN

    18. "People who never sharpen their knives. Take care of your kitchenware!"


    19. "Using a non-stick pan to cook anything and everything."

    Cooking onions in a non-stick skillet.
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    "Non-sticks have their place in the kitchen, but if you’re cooking steaks in them, you’re doing it wrong." —u/whitmer87

    20. "Using more pots and pans than necessary."

    "Do you really need all those cooking vessels for basic pasta?" —u/ClaireHux

    21. "Plating naked pasta with a pool of sauce on it rather than finishing the pasta in the sauce."

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    22. "When people don't mise en place and instead try to cut ingredients as they cook."


    23. "People who don't let the oil heat up long enough to fry food."

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    "And they wonder why their dinner is soggy and oily." —u/WestPeltas0n

    24. "People who leave all the dirty dishes in the sink right next to the dishwasher."


    25. "Opening the slow cooker every few minutes to stir or check on the food."

    Shredded chicken in the slow cooker.
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    "Every time you open it, you increase the cook time." —u/Leximer

    Is there a cooking habit you've witnessed that seriously gets on your nerves? Tell us in the comments below.