19 Useful Party Hacks To Try Over The Long Weekend

    From keeping the drinks cold to keeping the grill clean.

    1. Use cupcake liners to keep popsicles from dripping.

    2. Or make dessert ahead of time by scooping ice cream into cupcake liners and storing them in the freezer.

    3. Use frozen fruit to chill wine without diluting it.

    4. Put cloves in a halved lemon to keep bugs away.

    5. Or chill warm wine almost instantly with a wet dish towel.

    6. Use double skewers when making kebabs to keep food secure on the grill.

    7. Use a muffin tin as a portable drink tray.

    8. Or use a muffin tin to organize condiments for a DIY burger bar.

    9. Keep a grilling cheat sheet on hand to make sure all your food is cooked to perfection.

    10. Turn a watermelon into a giant boozy cocktail.

    11. Clean your grill using aluminum foil.

    12. Or use half an onion to remove stubborn grease.

    13. Use leftover wine bottles to make adorable candle holders.

    14. Or use wine or beer bottles as flower vases.

    15. Make easy (and nostalgic) margaritas with Capri Sun.

    16. Or make your own DIY, portable booze packets with just three ingredients.

    17. Slice a pint of ice cream to make the perfect ice cream sandwich.

    18. And prevent ice cream cones from dripping with a mini marshmallow.

    19. And use your ice cube tray to make Jell-O shots