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    19 Useful Party Hacks To Try Over The Long Weekend

    From keeping the drinks cold to keeping the grill clean.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Use cupcake liners to keep popsicles from dripping.

    Babble / Via

    This one is especially useful if you have kids running around. Say goodbye to furniture and clothing stains for good. Read more here.

    2. Or make dessert ahead of time by scooping ice cream into cupcake liners and storing them in the freezer.

    The Chic Site / Via

    The thawing and scooping is the most time-consuming part, so why not get it out of the way *before* the party starts? Read more here.

    3. Use frozen fruit to chill wine without diluting it.

    Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed / Via

    Any frozen fruit will do. Try frozen raspberries with rosé, pineapple with Sauvignon Blanc, and peaches with Sauvignon Blanc. Read more here.

    4. Put cloves in a halved lemon to keep bugs away.

    FabHow / Via

    Forgot to pick up the Citronella candles? This DIY trick using lemon and cloves will keep the mosquitos away. Read more here.

    5. Or chill warm wine almost instantly with a wet dish towel.

    Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed / Via

    Get a dish towel or paper towels soaking wet, wrap them around your wine bottle, and pop it in the fridge. After about seven minutes, your wine will be ice cold. Read more here.

    6. Use double skewers when making kebabs to keep food secure on the grill.

    Elise Bauer via Simply Recipes / Via

    Two skewers are better than one since your food will be way less likely to slide off. Get the recipe for beef kebabs here.

    7. Use a muffin tin as a portable drink tray.

    Someday I'll Learn / Via

    Well, well, well...aren't you the hostess with the mostess? Get the recipe.

    8. Or use a muffin tin to organize condiments for a DIY burger bar.

    Yesterday on Tuesday / Via

    Just load each cup with different hamburger and hotdog toppings from ketchup and mustard to relish and onions. Then, let your guests help themselves. Read more here.

    9. Keep a grilling cheat sheet on hand to make sure all your food is cooked to perfection.

    Food Beast / Via

    You'll have perfectly cooked burgers and dogs every single time. Read more here.

    10. Turn a watermelon into a giant boozy cocktail.

    John Gara / BuzzFeed / Via

    Nothing gets people together like party punch, especially when that punch is served directly in a watermelon. Read more here.

    11. Clean your grill using aluminum foil.

    Food52 / Via

    All you need is aluminum foil and a pair of tongs. Read more here.

    12. Or use half an onion to remove stubborn grease.

    Allison via Flickr / Via Flickr: scrapstothefuture

    No fancy equipment or cleaning products required. Read more here.

    13. Use leftover wine bottles to make adorable candle holders.

    Three Nails Photogaphy / Via

    Just take your empty bottles and wash them out. Then, use them as candlesticks for an elegant centerpiece.

    14. Or use wine or beer bottles as flower vases.

    Little Miss Red Head / Via

    Give your empty bottles a second life. Plus, how cute is this? Read more here.

    15. Make easy (and nostalgic) margaritas with Capri Sun.

    @melissaharrison via Instagram / Via, John Gara/BuzzFeed

    Tropical punch Capri Sun + tequila + salt + lime = easiest margs ever. Read more here.

    16. Or make your own DIY, portable booze packets with just three ingredients.

    Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed / Via

    You can get creative with these and use whatever alcohol and fruit you like best. Just toss everything in the blender and voilà. Read more here.

    17. Slice a pint of ice cream to make the perfect ice cream sandwich.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    You'll never settle for the store bought kind again. Read more here.

    18. And prevent ice cream cones from dripping with a mini marshmallow.

    Instructables / Via

    Turns out marshmallows are good for more than s'mores. Read more here.

    19. And use your ice cube tray to make Jell-O shots

    Bionic Bites / Via

    Let's face it: You're never too old for Jell-O shots. With this method, there's no need to buy extra cups. Read more here.