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So, "Cloud Bread" Is A Thing And It’s Actually Delicious

All you need are three ingredients.

Let's talk about bread.


So when I saw this recipe called "cloud bread" all over Pinterest and Instagram, I was intrigued. It's only three ingredients, there's no kneading required, and you don't have to wait around for hours for the bread to rise. It also happens to be low-carb, gluten-free, and grain-free compared to regular stuff.

So I tried it, and TBH, I'm a fan. Cloud bread tastes fluffy and doughy just like your favorite sourdough. All you need to bake it at home are eggs, cream of tartar, and cream cheese or Greek yogurt. (Although some recipes can mix in fresh or dried herbs too.) Here are nine ways to make it.

Cloud Bread Sandwiches

A Spicy Perspective / Via

Add a little Italian seasoning and garlic powder to turn it into flavorful sandwich bread. Then, load it with your favorite cold cuts, cheese, and veggies. Get the recipe.

Cloud Bread Cheeseburgers

The Cheerful Kitchen / Via

Hey, check out these buns. Get the recipe.

Eggs Benedict on Cloud Bread

Tasteaholics / Via

Swap out your english muffin for cloud bread and call it Sunday brunch. Get the recipe.

Cloud Bread Bagels

Happy Body Forumla / Via

Garnished with scallions and chives, it's the bagel of our dreams. Get the recipe.

Cloud Bread Pizza

360 Family Nutrition / Via

Top this cloud dough with a little marinara and a whole lot of mozzarella. Get the recipe.

Cloud Bread Cheddar Waffles

Sugar Free Mom / Via

Rather than turn on the oven, just pour this batter in your waffle iron. Get the recipe.

Cloud Bread Cheese Danish

Low Carb Yum / Via

It's a low-carb breakfast that still feels totally indulgent. Get the recipe.

Cloud Bread Hot Dog Rolls

Sugar Free Mom / Via

Barbecue season is about to get even better. Get the recipe.

Bacon and Chive Cloud Muffin Tops

Durhams Love Life and Travel / Via

Five ingredients and 25 minutes is all you need to whip up this savory snack. Get the recipe.