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    People Are Sharing Everyday 'Cheat Codes' And I'm Gonna Hack My Way Through Life With These

    "Hide chocolate in a tampon box. No one ever goes in there, and it will be there when you need it most."

    Wouldn't it be cool if life were like a video game? You could enter a code and become a millionaire or get a do-over at something you wish you did differently. Unfortunately, that's not the case in the game of life. But there are some "cheat codes" that go a long way.

    1. "Use accessories to dress up whatever outfit you're wearing. Pack accessories and bring them with you so you can always dress yourself up or down in any situation."

    2. "Try to get on good terms with the secretaries at your company. They are the people who can most easily help cover for you when you make a mistake."


    "Secretaries, tech support, and janitors are the true power in office buildings. Make friends, remember birthdays, and you can get pretty much anything you need." —u/AmbitionOfPhilipJFry

    3. "Respond with a friendly and polite attitude even when someone is being rude or a jerk. It shuts them down 90% of the time."

    4. "When you are angry with someone, write down the reason why and sleep on it for a night. If you are still angry in the morning, talk to them. This technique has saved me from making a big deal out of relatively small issues."


    5. "Before you start any household repair, search it on YouTube. At best, you may discover you can fix it yourself. At worst, you’ve gained some knowledge so you can explain the trouble to a repairman and make sure you don't get taken advantage of."


    6. "Use a VPN to 'change your location' to stream content that is not available in your area."

    7. "Use a slice of bread to pick up shattered glass. The consistency and texture picks up even the smallest shards."


    8. "Use reverse psychology with children. If you tell them not to do something, they'll do it almost every time."

    9. "Replace the word 'but' with the word 'and.' For example, rather than saying, 'I understand your perspective but...,' say, 'I understand your perspective and...,' so even if you disagree, the person your speaking to still feels validated and heard."


    10. "There are hundreds of free certifications and classes you can take online and add to your résumé. Take a few that are relevant to your career, and throw them on your résumé. They'll make you stand out from the other candidates and serve as a conversation starter during your interview."

    11. "I try my best to only use my debit/credit card once per day. Obviously there are days that doesn’t happen, but more often than not I use my cards just once in a day so I'm not spending unnecessarily. It helps me save a lot."


    12. "Don't get caught up on special dates like an anniversary or Valentine's Day. My wife and I celebrate random days whenever we feel like it: We have a fancy dinner on an ordinary Thursday night or celebrate a weekend birthday the week before. It makes planning way less stressful."

    13. "If you leave a website with items still in your cart, you'll likely receive an email offering up to 20% off to complete your purchase."


    14. "Make friends with people who look different from you. They will introduce you to other cultures and things you might not have been exposed to otherwise."

    15. "If getting your kids ready and out the door is a struggle, find a theme song to get them going."

    16. "Don't ask your significant other where he/she wants to eat. Instead, tell him/her to guess where you're taking them and go to the first place they guess."

    17. "Hide chocolate in a tampon box. No one ever goes in there but me. Not only do I not have to share my chocolate, but I have it exactly when I need it to help with the hell that is PMS."

    18. "If you notice you're in a bad mood, start whistling. It’s a little hard to will yourself to do at first, but it’s surprisingly effective in elevating your spirits."


    19. "Costco has enough free samples that you can basically make a complete lunch."

    20. "If you're in school and need sources for a paper, just go to the Wikipedia page of whatever topic you're writing about. At the bottom of the page, you'll usually find over 50 sources already in the proper format."


    21. "Epidurals. I'm in labor, and trust me — they're a real-life cheat code."

    22. "Slow cookers are like magic. I toss everything in before I leave for work, and I have a delicious meal ready when I get home. Even when I don't feel like cooking, dinner is already made."


    23. "Cut out toxic people from your life. It has zero negative consequences and will make your life 100% better."

    24. "If you're on the phone talking to an automated robot, keep pressing zero. Nine times out of ten, you'll get a human on the line."