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    18 Monsters Who Should Never Be Allowed Near Ketchup Again

    Step away from the condiment.

    When used correctly, Ketchup is a wonderful, flavor-enhancing condiment. When used excessively, it turns into something that looks more like a crime scene. Here are 18 people who should not be allowed near another bottle of Kerchup.

    1. This culprit who made a plate of boiled green peas even grosser.

    2. And this person who turned dinnertime into a horror movie.

    3. I actually have no words about this. Moving on.

    4. This individual who clearly doesn't understand the concept of sweet versus savory breakfast items.

    5. And this dirty mind who permanently belongs in middle school.

    6. The fiend who had the audacity to bring mustard into this tragedy.

    7. And this poor soul who clearly ran out of peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, Nutella, and the 400 other foods that taste better on crackers than ketchup.

    8. This monster who turned breakfast toast into something that resembles a crime scene.

    9. And this person who is just wasting away their artistic abilities.

    10. This. Just ew.

    11. This "innovator" who had the audacity to add raw red onions and mayo to their ketchup.

    12. And this soul who doesn't deserve another waffle.

    13. This guy who made a horrific excuse for a sandwich. P.S. I am judging!

    14. And this person, who single-handedly offended every Italian on planet earth.

    15. Whoever made this sad slice of pizza a million times sadder.

    16. This person who futilely tried to make burnt toast taste good.

    17. And this individual who clearly ran out of pizza sauce.

    18. Finally, this "artist." Is that roast beef in the middle? Unclear. I must look away.