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"The Bride Had Zero Idea This Was Planned": People Are Sharing Painfully Uncomfortable Wedding Day Mishaps

"Literally 15 seconds before walking down the aisle, the bride texted this to the guy sitting next to me..."

When you imagine your own wedding, you probably picture the most incredible day of your entire life. But, of course, weddings don't always go according to plan, and there's nothing quite like some good old-fashioned wedding day drama. So Redditor u/MyProof_Fly asked, "What is the most inappropriate thing you've ever seen at a wedding?" Here's what people said.

1. "Literally 15 seconds before she walked down the aisle, the bride texted the guy sitting next to me and said, 'I wish it was you at this end of the aisle waiting for me.'"

Bride in a white dress and veil looking out of a window with a snowy landscape outside

2. "When someone suddenly proposed at another couple's wedding. That was just begging for attention..."


3. "There were six best men, and each gave a speech. They progressively got worse and worse until the last one was entirely made up of weird sex jokes."

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4. "During the bride and groom's speeches, the couple's three-year-old son absolutely sprinted down the walkway holding his bum, yelling, 'I need to poo, poo!' with such agony in his eyes. It was absolutely the best part of the day."


5. "One of the bridesmaids over-served herself at my wedding reception and passed out. One of the other bridesmaids' fathers carried her to a car so her friend could take her home. He held her in a fireman’s carry all the way from the head table past the entire group of 200 guests. She was not wearing underwear."

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6. "I was at one where the bride got so drunk she passed out...so they put her in a wheelchair and wheeled her around unconscious so people could take selfies with her."


7. The couple sitting next to us at a ceremony took their young baby to the ceremony with them. Halfway through, the baby starts making noise. Instead of taking him outside like normal people, they pull out a phone and start playing Peppa Pig —with the volume on, loud. I missed that beautiful ceremony of two amazing people because all I could hear was Peppa bloody Pig. I'd rather have listened to the baby."

Toddler crying on grass between two people, holding a blanket and wearing a striped shirt

8. "The groom did shots off a half-naked guest lying on the bar. There weren't very many anniversaries, as I recall."


9. "They wanted their dog in the wedding. He walked down by the bride and took a dump. Hilarious."

Bride in a lace dress and groom in a blue suit petting a happy dog at a wedding

10. "The groom's sister walked into the wedding wearing a wedding gown. Not a white dressy dress. Nope. A white ball gown wedding dress that looked almost identical to the bride's dress. We had a hard time telling them apart! She insisted on interrupting the first dance and danced with her brother. And the groom's mom was also wearing white."


11. "The best man gave the toast at the reception and accidentally said the groom’s first wife’s name instead of the current one."

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12. "I went to a wedding reception where the DJ was a MESS and couldn’t get any of the songs right. It’s time for the mother-son dance. They start dancing, and then the song comes on...'Sexual Healing' by Marvin Gaye. I’ve never wanted to laugh so hard in my life."


13. "A guest with a screaming baby was late to the ceremony and walked directly behind the bride while she was walking down the aisle."

Bride in a flowing white dress holding a bouquet walks down the aisle at an outdoor wedding ceremony with guests on either side

14. "The bride’s father thought the day was about him. He kept interrupting everything to make speeches, but the best part was him presenting his gift to the couple. He wrote and recited some cringe poem about love that sounded like it was written by a twelve-year-old, but he didn’t stop there. He had it transcribed in calligraphy and mounted in a huge frame. The topper was that he also made a stack of copies for everyone to take home."


15. "A very large wedding guest wasn't paying attention and knocked the cake over. The cake hit the floor and burst into pieces. The bride was pissed."

Three-tiered wedding cake with white icing and floral decorations

16. "In the middle of the reception, they rolled out a birthday cake, and some people started singing 'Happy Birthday.' Many of us guests had no idea whose birthday it was, and the birthday cake was bigger than the wedding cake. Turns out, it was the mother of the groom's birthday, but the bride had no idea this was planned."


17. "I accidentally said 'rejoice in you' instead of 'rejoice with you' to my wife when we exchanged vows. Grandma laughed, so it was a win."

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18. And finally, "The matron of honor threw up just as the officiant was asking if anyone objected."


So, what's the most cringe, uncomfortable, or inappropriate thing you've witnessed first-hand at a wedding? Tell us your best (err — worst) stories in the comments, or add them to this anonymous form.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.