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    Um, Keto Bread Exists...And I Tried It To See How It Actually Tastes

    Carb-free bread is a thing, people, but is it worth buying?

    There are tons of keto-friendly snacks and recipes to help people maintain a low-carb diet. But when I stumbled upon this keto-friendly bread made by Uprising Food, I was honestly shook.

    So I decided to try it at home. The bread came in a little box, and inside was a square loaf, aka a "keto kube," as the website calls it.

    The loaf itself was pretty dense and dark in color. It almost looked like carrot cake. It comes uncut, and the directions say to store it in the refrigerator for the best results.

    It was really easy to cut the cube of bread into even slices. And while I expected it to crumble, it actually held its form nicely. When I sliced into the bread, I noticed the inside had a slightly purple-ish hue to it. Here's to hoping this wasn't a bad batch...

    Upon first tasting the keto bread, I was surprised how moist it remained, even a few days after receiving the shipment. It tasted a lot like ordinary bread, but it did have a little bit of crunch to it (probably from the flaxseed).

    The keto bread was much better when eaten as a sandwich. It actually tasted a ton like regular bread. It was hearty and doughy tasting, and it held all the cold cuts together.

    Tl;dr: At first I was put off by the color of the keto bread and the crunchy seeds I tasted when I bit into it. But when eaten as a sandwich, it was decent.

    The consistency and texture was a bit thicker and more filling than the multigrain or whole wheat bread I typically eat. All in all though, I would eat Uprising Food's keto-bread again. For people who are trying to stick to a low-carb diet, this bread would definitely be worth a try.

    You can buy Uprising Food's keto bread on its website. Right now, it's only available in a bundle of six "cubes" for $48. FYI: The bread is made in small batches, so you might encounter a bit of a waitlist when you go to order it online.