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    I Took A Six-Month Wine Class, And Here Are The Coolest Things I Learned

    Stop and smell the rosé.

    I'm Hannah, and I'm obsessed with wine.

    So over the past six months, I took a course at American Sommelier to learn more about it. After countless hours of studying, memorizing, and, of course, drinking wine, here are some of the coolest things I learned about the wonderful and oh-so-confusing world of vino.

    1. All grape juice (red and white) is actually clear.

    2. There are over a thousand different grapes in the world used to make wine.

    3. All wine starts with soil.

    4. Winemaking is half science and half art.

    5. Riesling isn't necessarily sweet.

    6. Chardonnay doesn't have to suck.

    7. Every country has different laws that regulate the wine industry.

    8. Not all sparkling wine is created equally.

    9. Great wine is all about "balance."