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    People Are Sharing The 34 Best Authentic Dishes From Their Home Countries

    Travel from Greece to Thailand without leaving the kitchen.

    Maybe you're sick of your dinner rotation and want to make something new, or perhaps you miss traveling and want to try cooking some globally inspired meals. Redditor u/PoissonIvyyy asked people to share their favorite authentic dish from their nationality or ethnicity. Here are some of the responses.

    1. Vietnam: "Banh Xeo, a crispy savory 'pancake.'"

    A woman putting Vietnamese crepe into a lettuce wrap.

    2. Taiwan: "Beef noodle soup."

    Taiwanese beef noodle soup

    3. India: "Biryani! Make it with vegetables, chicken, or (my favorite) mutton."

    A bowl of Indian biryani with cubed meat.

    4. El Salvador: "Pupusas. They're thick, stuffed tortillas and you can customize what you put inside of it, like cheese, beans, pork, etc..."

    A plate containing a Salvadorian pupusa with pickled cabbage.

    5. Greece: "Spanakopita."

    Spanakopita, phyllo dough stuffed with spinach and cheese.

    6. Persia: "Ghormeh Sabzi."

    Iranian meat and bean stew with rice on the side.

    7. Cuba: "Ropa Vieja, which is basically Cuban pulled beef stew."

    Cuban ropa vieja over white rice.

    8. Sri Lanka: "Sri Lankan rice and curry. It differs from Indian curry in a lot of ways and is worth a try."

    Sri Lankan rice with curry and roti-type bread.

    9. Korea: "Cold noodles (naengmyeon) paired with barbecued short ribs (galbi)."

    Korean BBQ ribs aka galbi.

    10. Philippines: "Adobo."

    Filipino chicken adobo over white rice.

    11. Indonesia: "Gado Gado."

    Indonesian gado gado aka vegetables, egg, and tempeh with peanut dressing.

    12. Venezuela: "Guasacaca."

    Empanadas topped with a spoonful guasacaca.

    13. China: "Mapo Tofu."

    A bowl of mapo tofu with pork.

    14. China: "Hainanese chicken rice."

    Hainanese chicken rice with spicy chili oil.

    15. Nepal: "Momo and achar. My family is from Nepal, and this is one of my favorites."

    Nepalese momo with achar.

    16. Puerto Rico: "Rice with Spanish chorizo, pigeon peas, and olives. It's so delicious, especially when served with some plantains."

    Puerto rican arroz con chorizo and peas.

    17. South Africa: "Bobotie"

    South African bobotie in a casserole dish.

    18. Japan: "Oyakodon Donburi."

    Japanese chicken and egg bowl.

    19. Nigeria: "Jollof rice. It's legendary!"

    Jollof rice with chicken and plantains.

    20. Slovakia: "Halushki and homemade pierogis."

    Halushki aka cheese dumplings.

    21. Canada: "Poutine."

    A plate of poutine with gravy and cheese curds.

    22. Poland: "Bigos, aka hunter's stew. It's basically stewed cabbage, meat and mushrooms and is so good."

    Polish hunter's stew made with beef and cabbage.

    23. Jamaica: "Ackee and saltfish with fry dumpling or fry fish and festival."

    A plate of Jamaican ackee and saltfish with steamed callaloo.

    24. Syria: "Bamiya. It’s an okra stew with sautéed vermicelli in butter and chicken broth."

    Sryan okra stew over rice.

    25. Mexico: "Cochinita pibil."

    Conchita pibil tacos.

    26. Sweden: "Kroppkakor (aka potatoes, meatballs, gravy, and lingonberries)."

    Swedish potato dumplings with gravy and berries.

    27. India: "Aloo paratha."

    India: aloo paratha with ghee.

    28. Hungary: "Chicken paprikash."

    Chicken paprikash over egg noodles.

    29. Ukraine: "Vareniki."

    Fried Polish vareniki (aka pierogis).

    30. Portugal: "Carne de Porco Alentejana. Portuguese pork and clams with potatoes in a great sauce. It's one of my favorites."

    Portuguese pork and clams in a wok.

    31. Lebanon: "Kibbe. It's my favorite Middle Eastern/Lebanese dish."

    Fried kibbeh.

    32. Denmark: "Meatballs in curry."

    Meatballs in curry sauce over rice.

    33. Germany: "Spätzle."

    German cheesy käsespätzle.

    34. Brazil: "Feijoada! It's black bean stew with sausage and pork."

    Brazilian black bean stew with sausage over rice.