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    15 Incredible Airbnbs You Can Rent For Under $100 Per Night In The U.S.

    These places are worth booking a trip for.

    Sorting through millions of Airbnb listings to settle on the perfect vacation can be a real time commitment. That's why we did the work for you. Here are 15 impeccable Airbnb rentals around the country. Oh, and the best part: You can rent each for less than $100 per night.

    1. A Luxurious Yurt in Geneva, Florida (from $75 per night)

    2. A Tropical-Themed Loft in Brooklyn, New York (from $60 per night)

    3. A ski cottage with mountain views in Breckenridge, Colorado (from $95 per night).

    4. An adorable private cottage in Nashville, Tennessee (from $79 per night)

    7. A Cabin in Joshua Tree, California (from $99 per night)

    9. An apartment with a view in Los Angeles, Califonia (from $78 per night)

    10. A quaint cottage in Park City, Utah (from $99 per night)

    14. An urban cabin with sweeping views in Seattle, Washington (from $87).

    15. A log cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska (from $85 per night)