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I Tested A Bunch Of Popular Boozy Hacks (And Have Some Thoughts)

Let's just say that some worked way better than others.

We're full-swing into summer, which means one thing is for sure: You're probably spending as much free time as possible eating and drinking outdoors.

Since there's no shortage of clever tips, tricks, and hacks to upgrade your next day-drinking event, I decided to test out a dozen of the most popular. Here's how they all went down!

1. Make beer ice cubes to keep beer cold without watering it down.

2. Use frozen water balloons to chill down drinks (and entertain a crowd) instead of ice.

3. Run cheap vodka several times through a water filter to make it taste better.

4. Keep sparkling wine bubbly by placing an upside-down spoon in the bottle.

5. Use wet paper towels to chill warm beer bottles ASAP.

6. Sangria Jell-O Shots

7. Two-Ingredient Wine Slushies

8. Boozy Melon Balls

9. Drunken Oranges

10. Easiest Three-Ingredient Cocktails

11. Fruit Ice Cubes

12. Easiest Vodka Gummies

What's your favorite boozy party hack? Let me know in the comments! 🍹