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Fast-Food Employees Are Sharing The Best Things On Their Menus That No One Ever Orders

I need all of these immediately.

We all have our go-to fast-food order. But no one knows fast food better β€” the tricks, secret menu hacks, and most underrated items β€” than the people who work there. πŸ”

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So Reddit user u/Dewaska asked, "Fast-food employees, what is the best thing on your restaurant's menu that no one ever orders?" Here are some of the responses!

1. Popeyes: Apple Pie

2. Subway: Tuna Sub With Bacon

3. Wendy's: A Side of Melted Cheese

A selection of food from Wendy's
Wendy's via Facebook / Via Facebook: wendys

"I have never, ever come across a person (outside of my family) who knows you can order a cup of melted cheese at both Wendy's and Arbys to dip your fries, nuggets, etc..." β€”u/FFandMMfan

4. In-N-Out Burger: Chopped Chilis

5. Taco Bell: Bean Burrito or MexiMelt

A Taco Bell bean and cheese burrito.
Taco Bell

"Used to work at a Taco Bell long ago. I found some amazing stuff. Here's a short guide to leveling up your Taco Bell experience: Bean Burrito with extra red sauce. The best value on the menu is a MexiMelt: This is a soft taco, minus lettuce and pico de gallo, cheese melted. Ask to substitute steak for a next-level maneuver." β€”u/Deezl-Vegas

6. Starbucks: Upgraded White Mocha Frappuccino

7. Cook Out: Snickers and Mint Milkshake

8. McDonald's: McDouble Hack

9. Five Guys: Loaded Grilled Cheese

A Five Guys grilled cheese cut into halves.
Five Guys via Facebook / Via Facebook: fiveguys

"Just fill it with all your favorite toppings. It's really good, pretty cheap, and filling." β€”u/MonkeysDontEvolve

"I used to work at Five Guys and you can get a grilled cheese with anything on it. When I worked there, I would get a grilled cheese with extra cheese, bacon, grilled tomato, and BBQ sauce on the side. It's awesome." β€”u/RainbowZebraGum

10. Taco Bell: Grilled Steak Soft Taco "Fresco-Style."

Taco Bell via Facebook / Via Facebook: tacobell

"150 calories and actually tastes like a real taco." β€”u/danzor9755

11. McDonald's: Land, Air, and Sea

12. Chipotle: Margarita

13. Whataburger: Creamy Pepper Sauce

14. Arby's: Roast Beef and Swiss with Onion Tanglers

15. Wendy's: Frosty Float

16. Taco Bell: Cheesy Gordita Crunch

17. Dairy Queen: Midnight Truffle Blizzard

18. McDonald's: Chicken and Waffles Breakfast

A McDonald's McGriddles with fried chicken.

"Best breakfast ever: the McDonald's chicken and waffles. Order the Southern-style chicken and ask for it on a McGriddles bread instead of a biscuit."


19. Little Caesars: Italian Cheese Bread

20. Taco Bell: Enchirito

21. Subway: Chicken Pizzaiola

A subway chicken pizzaiola.
TripAdvisor / Via

"It comes with the plain chicken strips, pepperoni, and marinara sauce. It actually may not be on the physical menu at stores but it's on our registers." β€”u/deleted

22. Arby's: Jamocha Shake

23. Starbucks: Captain Crunch

24. White Castle: Chicken Bacon Ranch

A White Castle restaurant.
White Castle via Facebook / Via Facebook: WhiteCastle

"I work at White Castle and although we have the ingredients to make them, chicken-bacon-ranch sandwiches aren't technically on our menu. That's what I make myself when I have to eat at work." β€”u/Treyu2112

25. McDonald's: Neopolitan Shake

A McDonald's Neopolitan shake.
u/withholdingwisdom via Reddit / Via

"Neapolitan milkshake with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream."


26. Whataburger: Apple Pie Γ  la Mode

Apple pie Γ  la mode from Whataburger.
Reddit / Via

"Whataburger can prepare the apple pie. Γ€ la mode. That means they just put the apple pie in a small milkshake. The milkshake gets melted so it's easier to eat and the apple pie cools. It's glorious." β€”u/jinklmun

27. Starbucks: An Undertow

Someone holding a Starbucks cup
Nurphoto / Getty Images / Via

"Pour a shot of espresso over a spoon into a cup, add one pump vanilla syrup and one pump of caramel, then add a dab of cream." β€”u/swacht

Note: Some answers have been edited for length or clarity.