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Tell Me About A Food Or Dish You've Eaten While Traveling That Still Makes Your Mouth Water When You Think About It

*Books flight to Rome for carbonara*

If you're a food-minded traveler, we all know that any vacation is only as good as the meals that you enjoyed. And if you're lucky, you'll try some incredible foods or dishes on your adventures that really stick with you.

Woman in a yellow dress takes a selfie while eating a croissant, with phone displaying a social media app

So I want to know, what's something you've eaten while traveling that you still crave often?

Maybe every morning you were traveling in Tokyo you started the day with an egg salad sando from 7-Eleven, and you'd do anything to find this cheap, high-quality delicacy in the US.

egg salad sandwich in someone's hand

Maybe in Athens you tried the most unbelievable gyro — a fluffy pita stuffed to the brim with beef, lamb, and of course, French fries. Sometimes when you look back and imagine it you can almost taste it.

Close-up of a gyro with meat, fries, tomato, and sauce in pita, held in hand

Or, on a recent trip to Madrid, you had the freshest, most delicious pan tomate on perfectly crispy bread, and you still wake up some days thinking about it.

Spanish tapas at a restaurant

Perhaps while visiting New Orleans you had a life-changing muffuletta that tasted too delicious, it almost brought you to tears.

Person holding a sandwich with ham and pickles

So, what's a food or dish you had while traveling that you loved so much you still think about it and crave it often back home? Share your thoughts and add your photos (if you've got them) in the comments below, and your responses could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. Or drop your thoughts into this Google Form if you'd prefer to stay anonymous.