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    22 Hillarious Photos Of Doggos That'll Make You Say "Me"

    ~tag urself~

    1. This sleepy guy who just really doesn't want to get up.

    2. This little fluff who loves his stuffed animal.

    3. This fella, who wants you to stop eyeing his Doritos. He is not sharing.

    4. This Corgi who is (very) eagerly awaiting an important delivery.

    5. This hungry boy who is having a complete love affair with pizza.

    6. This puppy who will go to any lengths for his midnight snack.

    7. This dood who knows how to pamper himself.

    8. And this golden retriever who freaking loves bath time.

    9. This pooch who ate too much.

    10. This basic b.

    11. And this cavalier who likes the finer things in life.

    12. This adorable pup who tanned way too hard.

    13. This hipster who is always trying too hard.

    14. This workin' boy who is over this week. Like, so over it.

    15. This pug who doesn't know how to use chopsticks.

    16. And this stage-five clinger.

    17. This pupster who just really fucking needs his coffee now.

    18. And this incredibly honest soul.

    19. This manspreader who must be stopped.

    20. This precious doggo who is in a relationship with carbs.

    21. This diva who needs a freaking vacation.

    22. And this critical creature who is judging you. ALWAYS judging you.