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    19 People That Should Never Be Allowed Near A Kitchen Again

    If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    1. This person who discovered microwave-proof and dishwasher proof doesn't also mean stove-proof.

    2. Whoever had to settle for this sandwich.

    3. And this sushi-chef gone wrong.

    Reddit / Via

    I'm LOLing but really this makes me sad on the inside.

    4. Whoever made this ghastly creation.

    Reddit / Via

    You sure wouldn't want to find this on your breakfast plate.

    5. The guy who discovered the hard way that his plate was not oven-safe.

    kevinkriz1/BuzzFeed / Via

    Sad nugs.

    6. The orchestrator of this nacho disaster.

    7. And whoever attempted to make this keto pizza.

    8. And also this one.

    9. And, uh, this situation.

    dukegonzo via Reddit / Via

    Was he cooking dinner or performing a science experiment?

    10. The brains behind this unfortunate breakfast.

    11. The sad human who tried his best to turn Pinterest goals into reality.

    Reddit / Via

    Can we all agree that this is worth nobody's time?

    12. This lazy person who just wanted a microwave mug cake.

    13. And also this one.

    MrsBass/BuzzFeed / Via


    14. Whoever had their pizza dreams shattered.

    15. And the artist behind these banana penguins.

    16. And whoever literally set their dinner on fire.

    17. This guy who failed miserably at making grilled cheese.

    18. And this crafty character who ended up with something a bit terrifying.

    leahkathleenr/BuzzFeed / Via

    These deviled eggs look like the devil himself.

    19. And the genius who screwed up vodka gummy bears.

    Hannah Loewentheil/BuzzFeed

    Stick to the vodka shots.