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20 Photos That Prove Barcelona Is Basically Heaven On Earth

*Packs bags and books flight*

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Fact: Barcelona is the greatest city in the world*.

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*IMHO, that is. But seriously? Between the Mediterranean sunshine, the mouthwatering tapas and the fact that water is more expensive than wine (seriously)— Barcelona is downright magical. Here are 21 reasons to pack your bags and visit.


4. And this stunning cathedral overlooking the city.

@xp4nder_photo via Instagram

It's called Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor and it's built all the way on top of Mount Tibidabo. Talk about #views.


7. These decadent mini sandwiches.

@lefooding via Instagram

They're called montaditos, which are tapa-sized sandwiches topped with anything from smoked salmon and goat cheese to chorizo and manchego. And the best part is they're small enough to try one of each.


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