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    21 Photos That Prove Barcelona Is Basically Heaven On Earth

    *Packs bags and books flight*

    Fact: Barcelona is the greatest city in the world*.

    1. This extravagant tapas meal.

    2. These whimsical buildings that should basically be in a fairytale.

    3. The insanely spectacular Sagrada Familia cathedral.

    4. And this stunning cathedral overlooking the city.

    5. This colorful breakfast.

    6. This too-cute-to-be-real door covered in plants.

    7. These decadent mini sandwiches.

    8. This view of the beach on a sunny day.

    9. This epic ferris wheel overlooking the entire city.

    10. This vibrant façade.

    11. This wine that is pink and bubbly.

    12. This paella that is waiting to be devoured.

    13. This incredible attention to detail.

    14. This endearing ice cream with googly eyes.

    15. This open plaza that could be your morning coffee spot.

    16. This heavenly fried ball of ham, cheese, and mashed potato.

    17. This rooftop pool.

    Take a dip with a view.

    18. This morning commute.

    19. This Medieval street.


    Go ahead and get lost in the Gothic quarter.

    21. This dramatic sunrise over Park Güell.