11 Times Nick Miller From "New Girl" Made All College Seniors Say "Yup, Big Mood"

    “Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.”

    1. You realize that being out in the real world as a functioning adult is terrifying... and it's going to be here so soon.

    2. It's started to set in that you won't be living with your best friends forever.

    3. You've made lots of mistakes over the past four years, but have no time for regrets.

    4. You know exactly one recipe that will have to feed you every day after college.

    5. When someone reminds you that adult life costs money (and all those student discounts go away).

    6. When you're so behind that you skip one class to do homework for another.

    7. You wear the same basic clothes every day, because who do you have to impress anymore?

    8. You procrastinate like a boss. Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.

    9. The closer you get to graduation, the more you question every decision you've made for your future (no this isn't Nick, but it's too accurate).

    10. When someone asks if you know what you're doing after graduation.

    11. When you finally do graduate and the world is yours for the taking.

    Meanwhile in the "real" world...